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EJSIC College Football Top 25 — Week 5

AP Poll

Coaches Poll

The top six teams continued to excel on Saturday.  Three of the top ten are mid-majors, which is incredible in a sport dominated by tradition rich, money rich state universities.  Texas and Penn State received a total of zero votes, which is awesome.  Michigan State and Arizona moved up the most.  This week is an early-season rivalry week with Michigan State-Michigan, Florida State-Miami, Wisconsin-Minnesota, and Boise State-Toledo.  That last rivalry was a joke, but The Sensei will be in the high school bleachers above Boise’s blue turf on Saturday afternoon.  Here’s hoping for good potatoes and plenty of homely farmer girls.

Here are the week five rankings.  If you disagree with them, feel free to cry about it in the comments section.

1. Alabama 5-0 (100)
This week: @ #19 South Carolina

2. Ohio State 5-0 (95)
This week: vs Indiana

3. Oregon 5-0 (92)
This week: @ Washington State

4. Boise State 4-0 (87)
This week: vs Toledo

5. Nebraska 4-0 (84)
This week: @ #24 Kansas State

6. Texas Christian 5-0 (80)
This week: vs Wyoming

7. Auburn 5-0 (71)
This week: @ Kentucky

8. Arizona 4-0 (68)
This week: vs Oregon State

8. Oklahoma 5-0 (68)
This week: bye

10. Utah 4-0 (65)
This week: @ Iowa State

11. Louisiana State 5-0 (56)
This week: @ #14 Florida

12. Stanford 5-0 (53)
This week: vs Southern California

13. Michigan State 5-0 (48)
This week: @ #18 Michigan

14. Florida 4-1 (45)
Next Opponent: vs #11 Louisiana State

15. Miami (FL) 3-1 (42)
This week: vs #23 Florida State

16. Arkansas 3-1 (41)
This week: @ Texas A&M

16. Iowa 4-1 (41)
This week: bye

18. Michigan 5-0 (33)
This week: vs #13 Michigan State

19. South Carolina 3-1 (25)
This week: vs #1 Alabama

20. Nevada 5-0 (24)
This week: vs San Diego State

21. Wisconsin 4-1 (23)
This week: vs Minnesota

22. Oklahoma State 5-0 (21)
This week: @ Louisiana-Lafayette

23. Florida State 4-1 (13)
This week: @ #13 Miami (FL)

24. Kansas State 4-0 (10)
This week: vs #5 Nebraska

25. Missouri 4-0 (8)
This week: vs Colorado

Others receiving votes: Northwestern (4), Air Force (3), Oregon State (3), West Virginia (3), North Carolina State (2), Southern California (1)

EJSIC College Football Top 25 — Week 4

AP Poll

Coaches Poll

Oregon jumped the same little blue team that has beaten them the last two seasons and seems destined to do it again in Pasadena.  Boise State is one of two teams in this poll representing the WAC for one final year before joining the Mountain West, which also has two teams in this poll.  Miami and NC State are the only ranked ACC teams and there aren’t any from the Big East.  The Big 12 has its three traditional powers ranked, plus three other teams that are 4-0 and receiving little attention.  The Pac-10 seems to be a three horse race between Oregon, Stanford, and Arizona – with the former two set to go under the lights in Eugene on Saturday.  The SEC and the Big Ten are the class of college football and each have six teams ranked in this poll.  Alabama and Ohio State look like the two best teams.

Here are the week four rankings.  If you disagree with them, feel free to cry about it in the comments section.

1. Alabama 4-0 (100)
Next Opponent: vs #8 Florida

2. Ohio State 4-0 (95)
Next Opponent: @ Illinois

3. Oregon 4-0 (86)
Next Opponent: vs #7 Stanford

4. Boise State 3-0 (83)
Next Opponent: @ New Mexico State

5. TCU 4-0 (75)
Next Opponent: @ Colorado State

5. Nebraska 4-0 (75)
Next Opponent: bye

7. Stanford 4-0 (73)
Next Opponent: @ #3 Oregon

8. Florida 4-0 (72)
Next Opponent: @ #1 Alabama

9. Wisconsin 4-0 (65)
Next Opponent: @ #23 Michigan State

10. Auburn 4-0 (64)
Next Opponent: vs La Monroe

11. Utah 4-0 (60)
Next Opponent: bye

12. Arkansas 3-1 (58)
Next Opponent: bye

13. LSU 4-0 (53)
Next Opponent: vs Tennessee

14. Oklahoma 4-0 (46)
Next Opponent: vs #21 Texas

15. Michigan 4-0 (42)
Next Opponent: @ Indiana

16. Arizona 4-0 (35)
Next Opponent: bye

17. Miami (FL) 2-1 (30)
Next Opponent: @ Clemson

18. Penn State 3-1 (28)
Next Opponent: @ #19 Iowa

19. Iowa 3-1 (25)
Next Opponent: vs #18 Penn State

20. South Carolina 3-1 (24)
Next Opponent: bye

21. Southern California 4-0 (15)
Next Opponent: vs Washington

21. Texas 3-1 (15)
Next Opponent: @ #14 Oklahoma

23. Michigan State 4-0 (11)
Next Opponent: vs #9 Wisconsin

23. Nevada 4-0 (11)
Next Opponent: @ UNLV

25. North Carolina State 4-0 (10)
Next Opponent: vs Virginia Tech

Others receiving votes:  Oklahoma State (9), West Virginia (8), Clemson (6), Kansas State (6), Missouri (4), Air Force (2), Florida State (1)

EJSIC College Football Top 25 – Week 3

AP Poll

Coaches Poll

Quick rant:  The AP Poll is the only legitimate college football poll in the country.  It is comprised of the opinions of men who cover college football for months during the off-season, learn the names and skill-sets of thousands of players and coaches, and watch college football for 10+ hours every single week during the season.  These men’s livelihoods are dependent on how knowledgeable they are about the sport (with the exception of ESPN’s Lee Curso and Lou Holtz, who just have to dress up in funny old people clothes and mumble things for a few hours every Saturday).  The Coaches Poll is determined by coaches and assistants who barely watch games not involving their team’s opponents and who have a huge financial incentive to fudge their ballots.  Furthermore, their ballots are never made public so they have zero accountability.  Same story with the Harris Interactive Poll.

EJSIC’s own completely illegitimate poll is below.  As always, we’re interested in your thoughts, what you would do differently, and a quick justification.

1. Alabama 3-0 (100)
Next Opponent: @ #8 Arkansas
2. Ohio State 3-0 (91)
Next Opponent: vs Eastern Michigan
3. Oregon 3-0 (90)
Next Opponent: @ Arizona State
4. Nebraska 3-0 (81)
Next Opponent: vs South Dakota State
5. TCU 3-0 (78)
Next Opponent: @ SMU

6. Boise State 2-0 (74)
Next Opponent: vs #23 Oregon State
7. Texas 3-0 (69)
Next Opponent: vs UCLA
8. Arkansas 3-0 (68)
Next Opponent: vs #1 Alabama
9. Florida 3-0 (67)
Next Opponent: vs Kentucky
10. Oklahoma 3-0 (64)
Next Opponent: @ Cincinnati
11. Wisconsin 3-0 (53)
Next Opponent: vs Austin Peay
12. Stanford 3-0 (51)
Next Opponent: @ Notre Dame

13. Utah 3-0 (47)
Next Opponent: vs San Jose State
14. Arizona 3-0 (40)
Next Opponent: vs California
15. Michigan 3-0 (39)
Next Opponent: vs Bowling Green
16. LSU 3-0 (38)
Next Opponent: vs West Virginia
17. South Carolina 3-0 (35)
Next Opponent: @ #18 Auburn
18. Auburn 3-0 (24)
Next Opponent: vs #17 South Carolina
19. Penn State 2-1 (23)
Next Opponent: vs Temple
20. Iowa 2-1 (21)
Next Opponent: vs Ball State
21. Miami (FL) 2-1 (20)
Next Opponent: @#25 Pittsburgh
22. West Virginia 2-1 (19)
Next Opponent: @ #16 LSU
23. Oregon State 1-1 (17)
Next Opponent: @ #6 Boise State
24. Oklahoma State 3-0 (15)
Next Opponent: Bye
25. Pittsburgh 2-1 (13)
Next Opponent: vs #21 Miami

Others receiving votes:  USC (13), Michigan State (9), Nevada (7), Kansas State (7), Northwestern (5), Clemson (4), Florida State (4), Missouri (4), NC State (2)

College Football Expansion Hoopla V2.0

Will the USC Song Girls cheer for the Trojans or the Longhorns in the 2012 Pac-10 Championship Game?

This topic has consumed about 70% of my sports related attention this month and Expansion Hoopla V1.0 got a lot of hits, so let’s do it again…

A lot has changed in a week (actually not really; the only thing that has changed is my mind).  This super-long post lacks pictures or graphics and is broken down into several text-heavy sections.  If you just want to bitch about the conference or the Pod I put your school in, scroll to the bottom and comment.  If you are a conference expansion junkie like me, sit back and enjoy my rambling inferences and analysis.

The first part of this post explains what I have inferred based on recent comments from relevant conference commissioners, university Presidents, AD’s, and insiders.


-Maryland and North Carolina have likely both told the Big Ten to pound sand.  They like the ACC for now.

-Texas probably isn’t going to the Big Ten either.  They are more interested in merging the cream of the crop from the Big Twelve with the Pac-10, possibly as a simple six team addition to form the Pac-16 and possibly as a “Western Alliance” with a looser conference connection and as many as 24 schools.

-Nebraska and Missouri are dying to be invited to the Big Ten.  Even Tom Osbourne issued a statement saying as much.  Both schools’ Presidents are already on record as being very interested.

-Oklahoma and Oklahoma State want an SEC invite.  They might get invited to the Pac-16 with Texas or they might not.  They prefer the certainty and immediate prestige the SEC brings.

-Kansas is on the fence between the Big Ten and the Texas led Pac-16.  Either way, they’ll probably be in a better position than they are now.  There is a slim chance that they could end up homeless if the Big Ten invites Missouri and Nebraska and the Pac-10 and Texas don’t invite them to be one of the five teams to join the Pac-16.

-Utah is probably going to the Pac-10 / Pac-12 / Pac-16  regardless of what else happens.

-Boise State to the MWC is a done deal.  Makes sense for all parties and the MWC will need someone to replace Utah if they leave for the Pac-10 or BYU if they leave for the Western Alliance.  Expect this announcement in June.

-Rutgers to the Big Ten is a done deal.  Paul Taglibue’s disparaging comments about the potential Long Island television audience for a Rutgers-Minnesota game reek of bitterness.  If this announcement is made in June then Rutgers will be able to play Big Ten football in 2012.

-Pittsburgh, Syracuse,  and Connecticut would all love a Big Ten invite.  Each has serious drawbacks, but each brings added East Coast viewers.  Pitt’s drawback is that is brings the fewest viewers since Penn State already owns the Pennsylvania market.  Syracuse’s problem is that they are a medium sized private school that doesn’t do much research and has a horrible football stadium.  Connecticut is not a member of the AAU and Continue reading

College Football Conference Expansion Hoopla

In December, the Big Ten conference (the bestest and richest athletic conference in the galaxy) announced that it is studying the idea of expanding.  The Big Ten did not announce whether it is thinking about expanding by one team (preferably Notre Dame) or whether it might pull a Big East or a WAC and create a superconference of up to 16 schools.  This stuff fascinates me, and I have been reading expansion plans from bloggers and columnists all over the internets for the past four months.  The following are two proposals with a sliver of realism that I would really enjoy:

Scenario A

-Notre Dame stupidly turns down the Big Ten yet again.

-Big Ten grabs Texas.

-Big Twelve starts to panic, as Texas is responsible for 40% of the already crappy TV contract.

-Colorado bolts for the Pac-10, which also takes Utah from the Mountain West.

-Big Twelve counters by poaching TCU and BYU from Mountain West.

-Mountain West is now on its heels, having lost its top three programs.

-WAC steps in and invites New Mexico, UNLV, and San Diego State.

-They accept and the Mountain West folds, leaving Wyoming, Colorado State, and Air Force homeless.

-The Big East is now the only major conference without 12 teams, and the new WAC is looking stronger.  Notre Dame is also feeling the heat.

-Big East pressures Notre Dame into joining for football and invites Memphis, Central Florida, and Temple for football and basketball.

-CUSA is now two teams short, so it steals Louisiana Tech from the WAC and Middle Tennessee State from the Sun Belt.

-The WAC picks up Wyoming to get back to 12 teams and the Sun Belt Continue reading

Why I Hate Duke — Coach K

The Sensei lives on the Western Shores of the United States in the San Francisco Bay Area (it’s closer to Japan), so he is fortunate to be far removed from most of Duke’s sniveling, whining, me-first alumni base.  He is similarly fortunate to draw his cable from outside of ACC country, avioding Raycom Sports and much of the rest of the arrogant East Coast media.  Because of this, it is difficult to hate Duke for the arrogance of their supporters on the street and in the press.  This of course does not mean that the Sensei has missed out on the opportunity to hate Duke with a passion that burns deep below his finely chiseled abdomen.

No, the Sensei does hate Duke, and he hates them because of their Coach’s attitude.  On the exterior, Coach Kazooski is a humble family man who values teamwork and the life success of his players and his Duke family.  Look deeper though, and you see a man who puts his own financial success above that of his players by appearing in American Express commercials, hiding the fact that his salary in the highest in the college game, and elevating that salary by holding his university hostage as he allows himself to be courted by NBA teams. Meanwhile, he refuses to play more than seven players, burying highly touted high school players on his bench until they transfer and encouraging surefire first rounders to stay at Duke at the peril of their draft stock.  Look closer and you see a man who curses at players and referees like no other coach in the college or professional game.  Look closer and you see a man who pretends that he does not care what other people think, but actually cares about very little else.

And with that rant, let’s heed the floor to The Sensei’s esteemed colleague, Stimulus Package, who recently witnessed a Duke practice and recorded the legend in action. [Warning: Colorful Language Ahead. Click at your own risk.] Continue reading

Bubble Watch… simplified

Updated 5am March 3rd.

These 29 teams will be conference champions or at-large selections
Wake Forest
West Virginia
Michigan State
Ohio State
Kansas State
Texas A&M
Oklahoma State
New Mexico

About 4 of these dominant small conference teams will win their conference tournaments, 3 will earn at-large bids, and 1 will play in the NIT
Old Dominion
Utah State
Northern Iowa


16 other conference champions will get auto-bids

About 1 team not listed here will go on a spurt
, jumping from off the bubble into the field with three or four wins in the next two weeks to earn an at-large bid.  This will likely be a Big East or A10 team that is just off the bubble today with big games remaining.

So about 8 of these 16 bubble teams will get the remaining bids
Georgia Tech
Florida State
Virginia Tech
Notre Dame
Mississippi State
San Diego State
Rhode Island
Arizona State
Saint Mary’s

I feel that this little post of mine is clearer than ESPN’s Bubble Watch or Bracketology because it considers the three to five bids that almost invariably disappear from the pool each year and it does the math on the rest of the bids to show exactly how many bubble spots are up for grabs.

I’m interested in which 8 bubble teams you would select if the season ended now.  Post your selections in the comment section if you have the inclination.  If you want to be more extreme, you could rank the 16 bubble teams from most deserving to least deserving.