EJSIC College Football Top 25 – Week 9

This poll accounts for the games of week 9.

As always, if you disagree, feel free to whine about it in the comments section.

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1). Alabama – 222; @ (5)LSU
2). Kansas State – 216; vs Oklahoma St
3). Oregon – 206; @ (19)USC
4). Notre Dame – 199; vs PITT
5). LSU – 184; vs (1)Alabama
6). Georgia – 173; vs Ole Miss
7). Florida – 168; vs Mizzou
8). Ohio State – 156; vs Illinois
9). Florida St – 142; BYE
10). Clemson – 133; @ Duke
11). Oklahoma – 126; @ Iowa St
T12). Oregon St – 116; vs Arizona St
T12). South Carolina – 116; BYE
14). Louisville – 111; vs Temple
15). Texas A&M – 105; @ (16)Miss St
16). Mississippi St – 83; vs (15)A&M
T17). Nebraska – 74; @ Michigan St
T17). Stanford – 74; @ Colorado
19). USC – 62; vs (3)Oregon
20). Boise St – 60; vs SDSU
21). Arizona – 59; @ UCLA
22). Texas Tech – 53; vs Texas
23). Louisiana Tech – 32; vs UTSA
24). West Virginia – 19; vs TCU
25). Northwestern – 18; BYE

Others receiving votes: Toledo (16); UCLA (14);
Oklahoma St (12); Michigan (7); Texas (4);
Kent State (3).

EJSIC College Football Top 25 – Week 3

This poll accounts for the games of week 3.

As always, if you disagree, feel free to whine about it in the comments section.

WEEK 1  |  WEEK 3

1) Alabama (150 – 6)

2) LSU (131)

3) Florida State (126)

4) Oregon (121)

5) Georgia (114)

6) Stanford (111)

7) South Carolina (95)

8) West Virginia (93)

9) Clemson (89)

10) Oklahoma (88)

11) Kansas State (84)

12) Notre Dame (81)

13) Florida (79)

14) Texas (79)

15) USC (60)

16) Ohio State (59)

17) Arizona (49)

18) UCLA (49)

19) Louisville (45)

20) Michigan State (44)

21) TCU (32)

22) Oregon State (24)

23) Michigan (22)

24) Rutgers (20)

25) Mississippi State (18)

Others receiving votes: Texas Tech (18), Northwestern (17), Ohio (12), Nebraska (11), Oklahoma State (10), Boise State (8), Iowa State (4), Wisconsin (3), UTSA (2), Minnesota (1), GA Tech (1),

EJSIC College Football Top 25 – Week 1

The EJSIC College Football Top 25 makes its triumphant (stretch?) return. This poll accounts for the games of week 1.

As always, if you disagree, feel free to whine about it in the comments section.

1. Alabama (198 – 6)

2. USC (187 – 2)

3. LSU (179)

4. Oregon (176 – 1)

5. Florida St. (174)

6. Oklahoma (164)

7. Michigan St. (144)

8. Clemson (138)

9. Georgia (134)

10. Arkansas (128)

11. South Carolina (122)

12. WVU (117)

13. Oklahoma St. (97)

14. Ohio St. (86)

15. Nebraska (81)

16. Kansas St. (75)

17. Wisconsin (68)

18. Michigan (63)

19. Texas (61)

20. Virginia Tech (56)

21. TCU (47)

22. Tennessee (39)

23. Notre Dame (29)

24. UNC (28)

25. Stanford (26)

Others receiving votes: Louisville (22), Texas St. (20), UCLA (18), Illinois (15), ASU (14), Eastern Washington (13), Baylor (12), UCF (11), Missouri (11), BYU (10), Boise St. (10), Youngstown St. (10), GA Tech (9), Miss St. (9), Ohio (7), Purdue (7), New Mexico (7), Florida (6), Washington (6), Rutgers (6), Elon (4), Iowa (2), Auburn (2), Utah St. (1), USF (1)

Buffalo Bills Keep Tradition Of Watching Playoffs Together As A Team Alive

For the 12th straight year, members of the Buffalo Bills gathered at Ralph Wilson’s Williamsville home to watch the excitement of this weekend’s NFL Playoff games.

“It’s important to us to keep these kinds of traditions alive,” Bills RB Fred Jackson said during a particularly thrilling moment of Sunday’s Broncos/Steelers game. “Some of the newer players don’t get to experience the energy of watching other teams compete in the playoffs in Ralph’s basement very often. It’s a nice thing for them that we do this.”

The tradition began in January of 2000, the week after Buffalo lost to the Tennessee Titans in the fabled “Music City Miracle.”  The dejected team gathered at Wilson’s home to watch the rest of the playoffs unfold that year and ended up having a great time bonding, reveling and generally “hanging-out.”

Former Bills WR, Eric Moulds remembers that get-together fondly. “It was so much fun…just being with the guys on that team.  You know, eating nachos and shooting pool,” he recounted. “And there were some great football games, too.  It was just a special time.”

The team enjoyed the bonding and merriment so much that they made it a point to meet back at Wilson’s fully-finished basement a year later to watch the 2001 Playoffs when they failed to make the postseason.  The second gathering was just as effective and memorable as the first.  The players decided, then and there, that this would become an annual tradition.

“It’s really something I was looking forward to when I got here,” current OLB and recent addition to the roster, Shawne Merriman, gushed over a completely unironic plate of Buffalo-style chicken wings.  “I’d heard the stories of the camaraderie that comes from these parties. It didn’t disappoint. I look forward to more of these events in future years.”

The team hopes to meet next week at Wilson’s to watch the second round games and continue the poker tournament – a relatively new tradition that began in 2004.

“The poker is always a hit, sure. We also usually do a mass Spades tourney with some of the Houston Texans players, but they weren’t able to make it this year,” Jackson sighed. “There’s always next year.”

Breaking Down the Current BCS Championship Game Situation

Who will make it to New Orleans?

The BCS standings currently have LSU at No. 1 and Alabama at No. 2. There is a lot of speculation currently on sports message boards and in the media about who will get the No. 2 spot in the BCS championship game should all the teams in the BCS top 6 win out. So, being one to follow the crowd, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on the subject. Here’s how I see it playing it out if everyone wins their next games with only Alabama done for the regular season.

LSU vs. Houston
This would be my personal choice for the game, but I know it’s not going to happen. Houston has not had a schedule that is comparable to the other teams in the Top 5. Their toughest test is their game with against Southern Mississippi, which hasn’t happened yet. The win over UCLA might seem good, considering that UCLA is in the historically powerful Pac 10 (I’m using the old names because I’m old), but UCLA is 6-6 and was manhandled by Texas. However, the main reason this won’t happen is that the BCS voters believe that it will not earn the ratings, attendance, or revenue the BCS is seeking.

LSU vs. Alabama
This is not likely to happen despite Alabama’s resume, which includes strong wins against Penn State, Arkansas and Auburn. Normally, the mistakes of a young quarterback would not mean much in most games, but the fact that McCarron came up short against LSU at home will be used as the reason that Alabama should not be in the game. The real reason, however, is that LSU vs. Alabama would end up being too regional and not the moneymaker that the BCS seeks, even though they have as much right as Oklahoma State (and some would argue more right) to play in the game.

LSU vs. Oklahoma State
This is the most likely scenario. Unlike LSU vs. Alabama, the game will have nationwide appeal and Oklahoma State’s resume is very similar to Alabama’s. They will have only one loss, to Iowa State, and when people make what I consider silly arguments that losing to a team ranked in the Top 30 is exactly the same as losing to a team ranked #1, then Oklahoma State is the top choice. Also, they will have beaten Oklahoma, which is a tough team, whereas Alabama will have been idle and a lot of these rankings are based on recent history.

LSU vs. Stanford
This is a long shot. Stanford, too, has only lost one game. I would argue that their loss is better because it was to a team ranked in the Top 10 at the time, whereas Oklahoma State’s wasn’t. I am firmly of the belief that not all losses are equal, much like Sagarin or Kenpom. This game would also have nationwide appeal, which is good for revenues. However, the perception that the Big 12 Conference schedule is tougher than the Pac 10 schedule and the fact that Stanford despite its 1-loss record will not be playing in the Pac 10 championship game is what will hold Stanford back, even though Stanford has also beaten a number of teams in the Top 50.

LSU vs. Virginia Tech
Hahahahahahahaha. The only way this would happen would be if every team ahead of them lost and Houston was given the death penalty by the NCAA next Saturday. I am probably the only person who is not a Hokie fan that would like to see this matchup only because of Virginia Tech’s history of blowing BCS Bowl Games. At least this time, it would be against the No. 1 team in the nation.

Final thoughts
So, there you have it. That’s how I see it all playing out should all teams win out. But, I don’t see that happening. I believe that Southern Miss will upset Houston and that Oklahoma will upset Oklahoma State. Then you have Stanford, Alabama and Virginia Tech all in the spotlight because Houston is the kind of team where 1 loss is equal to two losses in the Big 6 conferences. At that point, Stanford’s stock will rise and people will be clamoring for them to get in over Alabama. Will the BCS listen? Probably. It’s all about the money, after all.

EJSIC College Football Top 25 – Week 3

The top two spots in the poll switched, but Oklahoma stays put, even after a win at Florida State. Florida State dropped out of the top 10 with their loss.

Michigan State dropped out of the top 25 after a loss to Notre Dame. The Big Ten holds 4 of the top 25 spots, third to the SEC and Big 12.

As always, if you disagree, feel free to whine about them in the comments section.

1. Alabama (241 – 5)
This week: vs #9 Arkansas

2. LSU (237 – 2)
This week: @ #15 West Virginia

3. Oklahoma (236 – 3)
This week: vs Missouri

4. Boise State (210)
This week: vs Tulsa

4. Stanford (210)
This week: BYE

6. Wisconsin (208)
This week: vs South Dakota

7. Oklahoma State (161)
This week: @ #8 Texas A&M

8. Texas A&M (154)
This week: vs #7 Oklahoma State

9. Arkansas (140)
This week: @ #1 Alabama

10. Nebraska (139)
This week: @ Wyoming

11. South Carolina (138)
This week: vs #25 Vanderbilt

12. Florida (137)
This week: @ Kentucky

13. Oregon (110)
This week: @ Arizona

14. Florida State (108)
This week: @ #18 Clemson

15. West Virginia (100)
This week: vs #2 LSU

16. USF (96)
This week: vs UTEP

17. Virginia Tech (91)
This week: @ Marshall

18. Clemson (88)
This week: vs #14 Florida State

19. Texas (87)
This week: BYE

20. Baylor (82)
This week: vs Rice

21. Michigan (53)
This week: vs San Diego State

22. Illinois (47)
This week: vs Western Michigan

23. Georgia Tech (45)
This week: vs North Carolina

24. USC (43)
This week: @ Arizona State

25. Vanderbilt (19)
This week: @ #11 South Carolina

Others receiving votes: UNC (12), Auburn (6), Houston (6), Arizona State (5), Iowa State (5), TCU (5), Miami(FL) (4), Cal (3), Michigan State (3), San Diego State (3), Missouri (1), Ohio State (1)

NFL Power Rankings

Sexy Rexy looked good on Sunday

1. Green Bay Packers: The defending champs picked up where they left off last season offensively, and one would have to believe that Week 1 will be the most points they give up all season.
2. New England Patriots: Tom Brady looked great (obviously) and their no-huddle offense with two TE’s that can split out wide will present problems for most defenses. The defense is a bit of a question mark after giving up 400+ passing yards to Chad Henne.
3. Baltimore Ravens: The defense dismantled the defending AFC champs. Joe Flacco looked very good, as did Ray Rice.
4. Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick did enough, but he will have to improve his accuracy against tougher opponents.
5. Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler looked much better in Year 2 of Mike Martz’s scheme, and Matt Forte is a perfect fit. The defense seems as strong as ever. (Side note: Thoughts, prayers and condolences to the Urlacher family after the passing of Brian’s mother on Monday.)
6. New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees and the Saints did enough to win against just about any other opponent. The passing defense needs some work, but they also played against one of the top 5 passing teams in the league.
7. Houston Texans: There certainly appeared to be a changing of the guard in the AFC South on Sunday. It would be nice if the trendy pick for the playoffs of the last 5 years sustained it for an entire season. Continue reading