Movie Review: Inception

Remember the last film review where I said that I don’t like spoiling movies by giving out plot point? Well, Inception is going to really test me, but I think I figured out a way to write about it. Without further ado…. my review:

I have a headache just thinking about it... but in a good way.

Inception is about Leo DiCaprio who plays a ____________ who _____________ and _____________ with __________ then _____________. The best part is when _____________ and Leo ___________ ____________ ___________ __ _________ _______. But the real crazy part is _____________ and ____________ ____________ when she __________ then ____________ and they ___________.

It blew my mind. The effects were absolutely amazing, and how Christopher Nolan got snubbed is beyond me. There are many movies that lose something when they go to video, as opposed to seeing them in the theater, but I saw Inception in the theater and have the Blu-Ray disc, it holds up very well.

Sadly, for how much I liked this movie, I don’t think it’s going to win much this year. But it’s still an excellent movie with loads of action and a mind-bending-numbing plot.

Oscar Nominations Are Out!

The nominees for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards were announced early yesterday morning, and as usual there are some surprises and some snubs. Here’s a quick run through of the major categories.

Best Picture:

The Social Network, Black Swan, True Grit, The King’s Speech, Inception…. pretty much all you need to know. The rest were just filler because the academy decided last year to expand the category from 5 films to 10 films.

Best Actor:

Javier Bardem, Jeff Bridges, Colin Firth, Jesse Eisenberg, James Franco.

Where’s Leonardo DiCaprio? Why does the Academy hate him so much? And where’s Marky Mark?

Best Actress:

Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams

The Academy took out Halle Berry and placed in Golden Globe Best Actress in a Comedy/musical nominee Annette Bening. Other than that, it’s the nominees for Best Actress- Drama for the Golden Globes.

Best Director:

Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan, The Coen Brothers – True Grit, David Fincher – The Social Network, Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech, David O. Russell –  The Fighter

Are you kidding me? No Christopher Nolan? Seriously?!

There’s your quick and dirty rundown of the main 4 categories for the 2011 Oscars. Check back for movie reviews of some of the Best Picture nominees, and see who the Jerks’ pick for the awards. Don’t forget to mark your calendars: Sunday February  27, 8/7 central, the awards will be handed out.

Do We Really Need Another Country Music Movie?

Thanks a bunch, Taylor Swift. Now anyone can pretend to play the guitar.

First of all, I apologize for posting so infrequently of late.  Further,  I apologize for returning with such a low-quality post.

Anyway, I need to get this off my chest.  Besides, it’s not like you’re paying to read this or anything.

Try as I might to avoid it, I keep hearing and reading these things about Gwyneth Paltrow’s new film, Country Strong, in which she plays a washed-up country music singer apparently patterned after Faith Hill or one of those other Nashville studio creations. 

My question: is this movie really necessary?  Isn’t there enough bad country music already being produced by real people without adding crappy fictional country music to the mix?  And haven’t we seen enough “comeback” movies by now?

This is nothing against Paltrow, who I tend to think of as pretty awesome.  I just don’t see why Hollywood insists on never creating an original plot or idea ever again.  Also, what does Paltrow’s hubby, leader of the current (or at least most recent) Greatest Band in the World think about his hot wife singing this mainstream Nashville garbage?  I doubt he really cares, because it’s always fun to have more money.

(Full disclosure: I loved Crazy Heart, so maybe I’m just being an enormous sexist douche/Lebowskiphile.)

Okay, that’s enough for my triumphant return to the blogosphere; I’ll stop for now as I don’t want to overdo it, and I didn’t stretch before posting.  Check back soon, when I’ll share my fresh and original observations on heretofore unexplored topics such as flying on airplanes, shopping for groceries, and elderly people being lousy drivers.

Lamentations of a Baseball Fan

The MLB Postseason is in full swing (pardon the pun), but for this baseball fan the season has been over since last week.

I’ve been a Royals fan since birth, and except for those years in the early stages of my existence, it’s been a lifetime of calling a season where they lose less than 100 games “a good season.” Yet, I still cheer for them every year, and I think, “This is the year, were going to turn it around and at least contend.”

We need these guys

Every year I honestly believe that the Royals could be the real-life embodiment of the Cleveland Indians from the movie Major League.  I’m very serious that that possibility runs through my head every April.

The Royals come out every spring and start off decently well, but then in May the wheels fall off. They start losing series after series, I start ending my days with prayers that Luke Hochevar will morph into Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, or Jason Kendall will be a Jake Taylor-like inspirational veteran of the league that will lead the club to the postseason.

Just slap David Glass' face on her body.

It hasn’t happened, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t. Next year, Ned Yoast needs to have a cardboard cutout of David Glass with removable sections on it, I mean, it worked as motivation in the movie…. I don’t know if the possibility of David Glass in a thong would have the same effect though.  Oh well, I’ll still be spending the off-season wishing and hoping for Alex “Pedro Cerrano” Gordon to show up next spring.

HBO’s John Adams – A Review

I’ve come to the realization that TV on DVD is one of the greatest things ever. Thanks to this awesome idea, I don’t have to wait weeks to see an entire series, I can just wait for the DVD’s and watch the whole series in a couple days, no commercials, no waiting. This was especially satisfying because I recently watched HBO’s John Adams mini-series.

HBO's John Adams

The series is 7 episodes long and follows John Adams from the time the idea of independence was conceived through the rest of his life. We’re taken along to Europe with the 2nd President during his time as a diplomat, through his time as the first Vice President, his time as President, as well as getting a look into his personal life.

I never thought of John Adams as a man who would warrant a 7-episode long series, but this series showed his complexity and his contributions to the formation of the United States.

I’m a big fan of historical series like this and John Adams is one of the best I’ve seen. The writing is fantastic, and the acting is phenomenal. Paul Giamatti’s performance at John Adams was amazing, but I thought Laura Linney’s portrayal of Abigail Adams stood out to me. I always like to see a strong female role on screen, and not only was Abigail Adams a strong woman, but she was a strong woman in a time when women are not always given their dues.

Tom Wilkinson’s portrayal of Benjamin Franklin was up there with Giamatti’s and Linney’s performances. However, every time I saw Mr. Franklin on the screen I thought of the Michael Scott quote, “So, you know who turned out to be a creep? Ben Franklin.” So true Mike, so true.

After watching the series, I wholeheartedly agree that the series deserved the gaggle of awards it received. There was no weak link, other than time restraints.

Grade: B — I would have liked to see more of John Quincy Adams and his relationship with his father.

…And a possibly a musical sequence featuring Mr. Feeny, a la the film 1776.

Summer Movie Preview – Vagabond Joe

Summer movies are as American as baseball, apple pie and Heidi Montag’s inexplicable career And, summer movie previews are a blog standard, so it’s time we force our opinions down your throat.

George Peppard will literally climb from the grave and destroy these guys if they screw this up.

In the First Annual EJSIC Summer Movie Preview series, we will be giving our opinions on 5 summer flicks that should be worth seeing.   And since most movies that are released in the summer, even a summer devoid of anything from Michael Bay, are usually awful, we’ll include 10 movies that are…shall we say, less than imperative.

So, sans ado… Continue reading