LeBron mistreats ball boy?

While waiting to check back into a playoff game in Cleveland’s first round series against the Bulls, LeBron tosses his warm-ups to the floor despite the ball boy waiting with a hand out beside him? Was he being a dick, or did LeBron just not see the guy there? You be the judge (video below).

All I know is that as LeBron’s career has progressed, more and more evidence has surfaced to contradict some of the positive views the national media has shed on him. That said, I’m willing to give LeBron the benefit of the doubt. He’s not explicitly looking at the ball boy, and perhaps it was an oversight on his part. Whatever really happened, it does not look that good for LBJ.

If you disagree or just want to bash the Cav’s superstar, do so in our comments section below.

Summer Movie Preview – Vagabond Joe

Summer movies are as American as baseball, apple pie and Heidi Montag’s inexplicable career And, summer movie previews are a blog standard, so it’s time we force our opinions down your throat.

George Peppard will literally climb from the grave and destroy these guys if they screw this up.

In the First Annual EJSIC Summer Movie Preview series, we will be giving our opinions on 5 summer flicks that should be worth seeing.   And since most movies that are released in the summer, even a summer devoid of anything from Michael Bay, are usually awful, we’ll include 10 movies that are…shall we say, less than imperative.

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An Unexpected Consequence of the One-and-Done Rule

On Wednesday, Rivals.com college basketball writer Steve Megargee published an article at the recruiting website titled, “Is Butler’s run proof that mid-majors are closing gap?” The article looks at the improbable Final Four runs by George Mason and Butler in 2006 and 2010, respectively. Megargee asks a simple question: Are mid-major college basketball programs catching the Big-6 ones who have seemingly limitless resources and talent?

Better yet, are two occurrences within five years of one another enough to consider the feat more than coincidence? Megargee sets some guidelines in determining who is and who is not a “mid-major” in the sport. He dismisses Gonzaga, Xavier, and Memphis for their continued success in the tournament as well as on the recruiting trail.

I accept that, as those teams clearly operate on a level above the rest of the non-Big 6 teams. Megargee even dismisses the Final Four runs of Marquette (2003) and Louisville (2005) who both played in a strong Conference USA and operated like Big-6 teams.
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Luke Warm Linkage

Nazi Zombies = Complicated.

I’ve Been Experienced: Chapter 25

I Have Been Experienced, by Jose Kortez
Table of Contents
Finally, my last story of unwanted sex stories happened in college. I was probably a junior and had really come into my own in regards to picking up ladies and landing hotter chicks than would seem likely. As explained before, I had become a master of the temporary breakup and was able to mess around with pretty much anyone I wanted to, I just needed about a week to lay the groundwork to make it a sure thing. I have since moved from “Master” to “God.” To clarify, now I’ve got a pretty good chance of laying that groundwork the day I meet a girl and if not, a phone call before our first “date” will seal the deal.

Women always seemed surprised by my actions even when they had heard from friends what would happen.

Women always seemed surprised by my actions even when they had heard from friends what would happen.

But, in these times of great learning, as college is meant to be, I was still getting a feel for the art of the fast pick up. My roomate, we’ll call him “Evil Twin,” all through college is pretty much the guy, that if he was a girl, would be my wife. As it is, girls aren’t nearly as cool as this guy, so I’m still single and really pretty happy about that. And, like the perfect couple, we bring out the best traits in each other. So, whereas I might take a week to lay the groundwork with a girl on my own, with him there, it would either happen that night or we’d shoot past the window of their interest and move right to that stage, you know, where you’ve dumped the girl and all she thinks about is keying your car or cutting off your johnson. That’s where a lot of my relationships end up. Miraculously, I still have my wang (and it’s glorious) and a nice looking car.

But I digress. On this particular occasion, Evil Twin had his sights set on this girl and there was no shaking it, so we decided to go to her house because she was throwing a party. She was a smoking hot girl and this was a noble quest. The downside to the plan was that she was on the girl’s rugby team. Now, I’m not sure if any of you have met a rugby gal, but there are two distinct types. There are the ones that are in great shape and are super fast. Occasionally, some of those girls who are fast and in great shape don’t have butter faces. Now, on the other hand, rugby is a physical sport and they have to tackle. About 2/3 of the girls are big. Big as in fat. Big as in strong. Big as in tall. Scary fucking women.

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Another video from the wacky archives of YouTube

In keeping with my new tradition of posting YouTube videos at EJSIC, I now give you New Zealand native Matt Watson jumping from a helicopter on top of a marlin.

Yeah, sounds completely fake, but the video looks awesome. I don’t know if it is totally fake, but there has to be some staging to it. A camera operator is just waiting in the ocean right beside the marlin that the psycho non-traditional fisherman lands on. I don’t straight out dismiss it, but it does leave one with some serious questions.

There’s nothing new to the video. It’s been posted before on other blogs, but it is the first time I’ve ever seen. I thought some of the stunts I’ve pulled while fishing were dangerous (like standing knee-deep in snake-infested water just so I could reach that one spot just a few feet out of my reel’s distance), but this guy takes it to the next level, even if only theoretically.

So, what do you think? Fake? Or is it some really clean editing? Or completely legit? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.