Basil Marceaux and Video Friday

As you saw in Flop’s daily update (Luke Warm Linkage), it is Video Friday. And there’s nothing else like a political nut to add to the deliciousness that is Video Friday.

In every election cycle, we get a few crazies who end up garnering a lot of attention via blogs and John Stewart’s The Daily Show. Well, the 2010 Gubernatorial Election in Tennessee brings us the next great office-seeking psycho: Basil Marceaux.

Such a name immediately reminds me of creole Louisiana, but unfortunately this guy is running for the governor’s office of my beloved home state of Tennessee.

Since we are the Volunteer State, we would not want to keep Basil Marceaux away from the rest of the country. Enjoy (and hopefully you can understand his ramblings).

In general:

On gun rights:

And for more of the above, visit his website found here. Basil Marceaux 2010.

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Video Friday is here again. Try to keep everything in perspective.

FINISH HIM… with cut paper.

The real ending to Inception revealed. Sort of…

How to avoid a speeding ticket with maximum collateral damage:

Roy Oswalt to Philly? is reporting that Houston Astros ace and franchise face Roy Oswalt is close to waiving his no-trade clause and packing his bags for Philadelphia.

Roy Oswalt appears to be on the move.

The article even quotes a “source” as saying it’s a done deal. Now, we’ve all heard the “done deal” phrase before, but this trade makes sense for all parties involved. Let’s look at the possible implications.

The trade gives Philadelphia a second ace in the rotation (and maybe a third if you’re willing to label Cole Hamels an ace). The Phillies are in need of some rotational help, especially starters who can work deep into ball games.

Oswalt also brings big game experience. He’s pitched for Houston teams that were mainstays in the playoffs and reached the World Series in 2005.

And with the Phils cutting into the first place Braves lead this past week, this move only capitalizes on that momentum. It may hamper Philadelphia’s ability to resign Jayson Werth in the off-season, but the Philly front office has proved since last season that they’re committed to winning now with their current crop of stars.

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I think her water broke…

A-Rod, Favre, LeBron, Tiger, and My Overall Dissatisfaction with ESPN

Thanks to ESPN, I’m starting to hate summer.   And I really thought it would be decent.  I guess I was wrong.

Look, you Bristol hacks.  I really don’t care what Jared Allen thinks about whether or not Brett Favre is coming back.  We all know Brett Favre’s coming back; he’s just smart enough to know that he’s Brett Favre and OTAs and camp and media obligations and practice and warmups are beneath him.  Jared Allen knows this.  He’s just too cool of a guy to say “what a stupid question.  That’s all you wanted to ask me?”

I don’t care that A-Roid is stuck on 599.  He’ll hit 600 eventually.  MLB plays eleventy bajillion games per season.  Him crossing the 600 homer threshold won’t change the fact that despite his talents (many of which were heightened by cheat-drugs) he’s still one of the most overrated baseball players of all time.

Yes, we know that LeBron James is in Miami.  Thanks to the most embarrassingly shameful hour of television (in a year that brought us 100 Questions on NBC, mind you) we’ll never forget where we were the night that LeBron James decided to “take his talents to South Beach”.  Wake us up when those guys play a game.  We’ll be interested by then.

I also look forward to the PGA Championship next month, when SportsCenter will briefly mention the name of the leader, perhaps the second-place player, and then spend ten minutes describing how Tiger Woods is in 51st place, “only” nine shots out of contention with five holes to go.   OMG, will he make the comeback?!? I’ll also look forward to the repeated talking point of “Woods has not won a major tournament this year”.  That one makes me particularly annoyed, because it implies that major championships are so abundant that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one, to borrow a turn of phrase from my Appalachian-American forebears.

Also, Stuart Scott needs to go somewhere and die.  If he could be so kind as to take Neil Everett with him, that’d be a nice touch.

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I am sick and tired of these mother-@#$%ing snakes on my mother-@#$%ing arm.

The No-No Lotto

Since it’s apparent that any pitcher from a middle of the rotation innings eater to ace studs can throw a no-hitter this season, let’s look at who could be next.

1. Adam Wainwright (St. Louis). One of two Cardinal aces, Wainwright has a 1.94 ERA (2nd best in baseball), and he’s lights out at home. Odds of a no-hitter: 35%

2. C.C. Sabathia (New York). Big C.C. has motored along quietly in his second year in the Big Apple. He’s grown stronger with the season. Plus, 9 innings are common outings for Sabathia. Odds: 19%

3. Carl Pavano (Minnesota). Yankee fans cringe at his inclusion, but Pavano has experienced a career resurrection in the Twin Cities. The likelihood of him grabbing a no-no seems considerably greater than other. Odds: 7%

4. Josh Johnson (Florida). The best pitcher in baseball has to be on the list. His 1.61 ERA and 8 games of 1 run or less make him a very likely candidate for a no-no. Odds: 41%

5. Clay Buchholz (Boston). Buchholz has one no-hitter in a previous season, but 2010 is becoming his breakout year (and it also shows why the Red Sox were reluctant to trade him so many times). His only problem? The short porches in Fenway Park. Odds: 23%

6. Tim Hudson (Atlanta). The Braves ace is also having a very solid season. When he keeps his sinker ball down, as he has the majority of the season, then he’s very tough to hit. Odds: 16%

7. Matt Latos (San Diego). The All-Star snub has assumed the role of ace for the first place Padres during life without Jake Peavy. Can he continue the stellar season? Odds: 21%

8. John Danks (Chicago). It’s not easy to have a quiet season in the second biggest media market, but when you pitch behind Jake Peavy and Mark Buehrle, it’s a little easier. Odds: 11%

9. Roy Halladay (Philadelphia). He’s gotten a perfect game once this season against the Marlins, but he also has 3 shutouts and 7 complete games. Doc Halladay has the goods for a second no-no. Odds: 27%

**Disclaimer – The author of this article has very little knowledge of statistics. All odds were made up in his head.**

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Turns out this is not a safe place to store your cell phone.