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LWL Video Friday

It’s finally Friday. I wish I had something nice to give you to mark the occasion, but all I have are slightly vulgar, mildly humorous videos. I hope you understand.

Good luck with that paper. You’ll need it. [Probably NSFW]

Eyes up, gentlemen. [NSFW]

Keep it real, North Carolina. Keep it real.

Oscar Nominations Are Out!

The nominees for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards were announced early yesterday morning, and as usual there are some surprises and some snubs. Here’s a quick run through of the major categories.

Best Picture:

The Social Network, Black Swan, True Grit, The King’s Speech, Inception…. pretty much all you need to know. The rest were just filler because the academy decided last year to expand the category from 5 films to 10 films.

Best Actor:

Javier Bardem, Jeff Bridges, Colin Firth, Jesse Eisenberg, James Franco.

Where’s Leonardo DiCaprio? Why does the Academy hate him so much? And where’s Marky Mark?

Best Actress:

Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams

The Academy took out Halle Berry and placed in Golden Globe Best Actress in a Comedy/musical nominee Annette Bening. Other than that, it’s the nominees for Best Actress- Drama for the Golden Globes.

Best Director:

Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan, The Coen Brothers – True Grit, David Fincher – The Social Network, Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech, David O. Russell –  The Fighter

Are you kidding me? No Christopher Nolan? Seriously?!

There’s your quick and dirty rundown of the main 4 categories for the 2011 Oscars. Check back for movie reviews of some of the Best Picture nominees, and see who the Jerks’ pick for the awards. Don’t forget to mark your calendars: Sunday February  27, 8/7 central, the awards will be handed out.

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The hat has little horns on the top of it. I know bats don’t really have horns, but work with me here.

Some matchups always end up the same in the Big East

…in terms of teams that aren’t bottom feeders when they play each other. I had a strong feeling that Notre Dame was going to win tonight, and felt that this prophecy is the same every year. You might as well throw out the results of these matchups.


-always loses to Pitt, Louisville, Villanova
-always beats Marquette, Notre Dame, Georgetown, West Virginia

-always loses to Notre Dame, Marquette
-always beats Syracuse, Georgetown, Cincinnati

-always loses to West Virginia, Georgetown
-always beats Syracuse

-always loses to Georgetown, Providence, Notre Dame
-always beats West Virginia

-always loses to Georgetown
-always beats Syracuse, West Virginia

-always loses to West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse
-always beats UConn, Villanova

West Virginia

-always loses to Syracuse, UConn, Louisville
-always beats Georgetown, Villanova

So don’t be surprised if you see several games follow the trends again this year. ESPN analysts apparently don’t notice this, so keep an eye out for yourself.

EJSIC College Basketball Top 25 — Week 12

Pre-Season | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 8 | Week 12

Hey, remember Basketball Polls? We still do those here, right? For this week at least, the EJSIC Top 25 makes its triumphant return. Obviously, a lot has changed since we last touched base. There are only two undefeated teams left as Duke, Syracuse, and Kansas have all taken a loss (or two) over the past couple weeks. The resulting carnage has left us believing that Pitt and Ohio State are actually national title contenders. Don’t worry, though. This too shall pass.

Remember that this poll also includes a combined ballot from the polls submitted by readers. If you would like to have your poll included in the combined ballot, e-mail it to

So… Without further ado… Here’s our poll.

1. Ohio St. 20-0 (123 – 3)

2. Pittsburgh 19-1 (121 – 2)

3. Duke 18-1 (111)

4. Villanova 17-2 (106)

5. Kansas 18-1 (98)

6. UCONN 16-2 (97)

7. Texas 16-3 (95)

8. San Diego St. 20-0 (92)

9. Syracuse 18-2 (90)

10. BYU 19-1 (83)

11. Purdue 17-3 (74)

12. Texas A&M 17-2 (70)

13. Missouri 17-3 (62)

14. Kentucky 15-4 (57)

15. Notre Dame 16-4 (54)

16. Wisconsin 15-4 (42)

17. Louisville 15-4 (40)

18. Washington 15-4 (38)

19. Minnesota 14-4 (33)

20. Illinois 14-6 (32)

21. Georgetown 14-5 (24)

22. Vanderbilt 14-4 (16)

23. Arizona 16-4 (15)

24. Temple 13-5 (10)

25. St. Mary’s 17-3 (8)

Others receiving votes: Michigan St. (5), Florida (4), UNLV (3), Tennessee (3), Cincinnati (2), West Virginia (1), Wichita St. (1), Florida St. (1)