Vagabond Joe’s Tournament Predictions/Preview/Opinions/ Garbled Nonsense

Goooooo, Peacocks!!

For the sake of brevity, I won’t go into the supposed/actual snubs the committee pulled this year. But…wow.

Play-in games:
Nobody cares.

In a word: Brutal. I think if OSU gets out of the region, they will win it all. But, anyone who knows me knows my March motto, “Fuck the Big Ten” when it comes to betting/predicting. Whatever I pick a Big Ten team to do in the tournament, be it win or lose, they do the opposite….so, whatever. I hope Syracuse and UNC meet. I think that would be a great game.

Winner: tOSU (Good luck with that, Matta!)

Despite appearances, there are a number of teams here that have the potential to trip up Duke. SDSU, however, is not one of them. Should be interesting to watch. I don’t see UConn going too far because I feel they are too reliant on Kemba Walker. And in the tourney, if he has even and average game…they could be sunk. Can he sustain it for a long run? Who knows, but I would guess if it ends up being UConn/Duke in the final, Duke cake walks through it. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

Winner: Duke

As a Kansas fan, I don’t feel good about this draw. But, then again, I NEVER feel good about Kansas’ draw. It’s Kansas. They find a way to screw up even the biggest gifts. Not that this is a gift. UNLV, Louisville and (God-willing) any one of Purdue, Notre Dame and a healthy Georgetown all scare me. Not piss-my-pants scared. But, realistic concern. If Louisville is hitting even 30% of the 5 million 3′s they take each game, Kansas has no shot.  I love the prospect of facing the Illini, but we’ll have to see if they can get through Vegas. Of course, none of that matters if Kansas can play like they did on Saturday. If they (looking at you, Tyshawn) can keep that up…Houston, here we come.

But, as I said, it’s Kansas.

Winner: Louisville

The only remotely interesting stories here are just how many suckers Jimmer will be able to light up and St. John’s. St. John’s rides its return to any significance whatsoever into the Tourney for the first time since ’02. And I wish Lavin success. I would love for them to get to the Final Four…but mostly that’s just because it would mean that Pitt is not there.

Winner: Pittsburgh

Final Four:
Since I went all 1 seeds save one (the team I root for) I tend to not care about this anymore.  Even in prediction form.  But, just for completists sake…Let’s just say Ohio State over Louisville in the final.  Why not?

I love all of the Coaches v. Former Team scenarios that could play out. Doesn’t necessarily mean good basketball…but it’s interesting nonetheless.

The Southwest wins as far as ridiculous mascots go.  Terriers, Spiders, Peacocks, Zips….Jayhawks, Hoyas, Boilermakers!  Just try and keep up, other regions.  You can’t.

I think that this tournament will reflect this season. Even the best teams are vulnerable and anything could happen. Hopefully, that will make for an exciting couple of weeks. First 2 rounds should be ridiculous.

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