2011 EJSIC Fall Television Dead Pool

This is one of my very favorite times of the year. Not only do beloved shows return from summer-long hiatuses…hiati(?)…breaks, but, most importantly, network execs give turning buckets of crap into gold one more shot.

Welcome to the 2011 Fall Television Dead Pool

A staggering, if not unsurprising, 74% of last year’s new network shows never made it to that “sure, go ahead and start production on Season 2″ threshold.  Hell, most of them didn’t even make it to that “keep craft services around for another couple of weeks, just in case” point in the life of a TV show.  So, what did the horribleness of last year’s crop of shows teach those brilliant minds who greenlight projects?  As you are about to find out, not much.

I’ve done some research this year that will hopefully eliminate the recurring problem of picking, say, a Love Bites to be the first show canceled only to have it air as a late season replacement (where it was promptly canceled) long after the first shows are laid to rest, thus voiding whoever picked it’s chances of winning the pool.  Unfortunately, that means that none of us get to pick, what could easily be the worst show in recent memory, ABC’s Work It…which isn’t scheduled to ruin humanity until midseason.  For these same reasons, Apartment 23, Scandal, The River, The Finder, Once Upon A Time,  I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Napoleon Dynamite (!?), Alcatraz and Good Christian Bitches Belles are also not included in the poola.  Likewise, the good folks at FOX tend to hold off on some show debuts until October/early November.  So, bear that in mind when choosing.  But, fear not, there are still plenty of “good” picks to choose from.

A reminder of the rules: simply choose, in the comments, which new fall network show you think is going to get canceled first. The person who selects the show that is axed first will receive a prize of undecided worth.

Happy choosing.

- 2 Broke Girls (CBS) lostjayhawk
- A Gifted Man (CBS) Karen Livy
- Allen Gregory (FOX) aae
4) Charlie’s Angels (ABC) tigerintally
2) Free Agents (NBC) prophet
- Grimm (NBC) gentry
- Hart of Dixie (CW) Flop
3) How To Be A Gentleman (CBS) rh61791
- Last Man Standing (ABC)
5) Man Up (ABC) leanne
- New Girl (FOX) GodzillaBJ
- Pan Am (ABC) DonnaS
- Person of Interest (CBS)
- Prime Suspect (NBC)
- Revenge (ABC)
- Ringer (CW)
- Secret Circle (CW)
- Suburgatory (ABC) zachroyse
- Terra Nova (FOX) Small Arms McGee
1) The Playboy Club (NBC) Azcats1993 *
- Unforgettable (CBS) Vagabond Joe
- Up All Night (NBC) no cure 4 crazy
- Whitney (NBC) Penny

DISCLAIMER: Only new shows on network stations are included. No cable shows, for obvious reasons. Also, reality shows are not included, because it is typically impossible to cancel a reality show mid-season. Once all shows are picked, selection will be closed. If a show goes unpicked, but is canceled, the game continues until a show that has been picked gets canceled.

a -Though if someone wanted to be bold and choose one of them on the grounds that all officially listed shows are going to be smash hits…I won’t argue.

* – Winner (10/04/11)

26 thoughts on “2011 EJSIC Fall Television Dead Pool

  1. Pam Am

    NOW or NAGs will have fits over the bed romping Stewardesses of old. The homosexual lobby will claim foul. Gone before Halloween

  2. Karen and Donna,
    Given that you both responded within minutes of each other, in similar fashion, and from the same location, please respond to this comment so that I can verify that your picks are legit.

    Otherwise, I’ll have to release the picks to be chosen by someone else.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  3. This is tough. I want to go with Last Man Standing, but Up All Night starts nearly a full month earlier and has more chances to gather terrible ratings. Reluctantly, I’ll go with ‘Up All Night.’

  4. Not all canceled shows get the luxury of being resurrected to a purgatory time slot or a made up channel on a satellite provider to appease the handful of people that cried for it.

    Besides, Daisies lasted 2 seasons. How long did that Chicago show you liked last?

  5. Holy shit, “Work It” DOES seriously look like the worst pilot ever made. What’s with all of these shows trying to be manly?

    Prime Suspect will probably be very good. Benjamin Linus!!!!!!

    If I had been able to pick in time, I would’ve taken 2 Broke Girls probably.

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