NFL Power Rankings

Tom Brady is on a record-setting pace so far this season

1. Green Bay Packers: Green Bay struggled early as the offense only ran 3 plays in the 1st quarter. But, the offense got going and scored enough points to win. Losing Pro Bowl Safety Nick Collins is going to hurt in the long run.

2. New England Patriots: Tom Brady continued his torrid start to the second half. The defense did it’s share this week, forcing some turnovers.

3. New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees looked great and the defense demolished the Bears offense. If they had pulled off the comeback in Week 1, they’d be at the top of this list.

4. Houston Texans: The Texans went on the road and continued their unbeaten streak against the Dolphins. Their defense contained Chad Henne, who threw for over 400 yards the game before.

5. New York Jets: The Jets defense embarrassed Luke McCown by creating multiple turnovers. The Jets running game has yet to get going, and they will need that going forward in the division to win games.

6. Detroit Lions: The Lions looked really good destroying the Chiefs. By going for it on 4th and goal already up by a couple scores, they showed a willingness to put opponents away that they didn’t in Week 1.

7. Philadelphia Eagles: They may have fallen apart late, but the loss of Mike Vick might have had something to do with that. Mike Kafka did look good in relief and might beat out Vince Young for the #2 spot. The linebacking core has to improve.

8. Washington Redskins: In a league where the final result is all that matters, the Redskins are perfect. Washington is 2-0 and Grossman seems to be making just enough plays to win.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I’m sure the Bucs would like to get off to faster starts, but they have shown that they are a second half team. They need to get the running game going earlier in the game to avoid having to comeback so often.

10. Atlanta Falcons: I’m still not sold on Matt Ryan, but he does win ball games. The Falcons defense needs to create turnovers, as they aren’t good enough to stop people. If they can get the running game going, it will help keep that defense off the field.

11. Buffalo Bills: Buffalo’s offense looks like it’s for real. However, you’d have to think that Brady will throw for 400 plus for the 3rd straight week if you watched their secondary last Sunday.

12. Dallas Cowboys: Romo’s status is uncertain, but his leadership and heart should no longer be questioned. It looks like the Cowboys finally found a leader, and one would hope they would rally around him, whether or not he plays.

13. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens laid an egg in Week 2. Plain and simple. Look for an angry Ravens team to bounce back in Week 3. Would you want to play against Ray Lewis this week?

Dustin Keller doesn't want to see Ray Lewis angry...again

14. San Diego Chargers: The Chargers moved the ball against the Patriots, but shot themselves in the foot. Eventually, San Diego will put it all together; like we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of last season.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers bounced back against the Seahawks as predicted. The offense still needs a little work, but a shutout against any opponent is still impressive in the NFL.

16. Chicago Bears: The Bears have a great weapon in Matt Forte. Unfortunately for the Bears, he can’t win games on his own against good teams. Until someone else steps up as a playmaker, the Bears will struggle against tougher opponents.

17. New York Giants: The Giants keep getting bitten by the injury bug. They have the talent to win games, but they can’t seem to get it on the field. Eli is going to have to carry the team.

18. Oakland Raiders: The Raiders should be 2-0. They blew the game against the Bills, including allowing two 4th down conversions, and still almost won it at the end. Their running game should keep them competitive for the remainder of the season.

19. Tennessee Titans: The Titans took advantage of a lackluster performance by the Ravens to win their first game of the season. Once Chris Johnson gets going, Hasselbeck to Kenny Britt should be a great combination.

20. San Francisco 49ers: The 9ers were close to a 2-0 start. With Frank Gore in the backfield, they only need adequate QB play,, which would be helped by a threat on the outside.

21. Arizona Cardinals: The cardinals lost a road game late to the Redskins. Kolb should only improve as the season continues and Larry Fitzgerald always makes plays.

22. Denver Broncos: Orton led the Broncos to a win with out Knowshon Moreno. Once the ground game gets going, the Broncos offense should be good enough to keep them in games.

23. Carolina Panthers: No other team has looked as impressive losing their first two games. Cam Newton should continue to improve, but they need to get a running game going to take some of the pressure off of him.

24. Miami Dolphins: Daniel Thomas looked good in Week 2. He looks like an NFL caliber starter at RB, and with Miami on the road this week, they might actually win one.

25. Cincinnati Bengals: Cedric Benson has looked good the first two weeks. He will have to continue his productions thus far, as the QB play has been lackluster.

26. Cleveland Browns: The Browns need Peyton Hillis to duplicate his performance from last season to be competitive. If Hillis can get going, the Browns can adjust the offense to fit McCoy’s skills better with play action passes and bootlegs.

27. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings can’t seem to remember that the games have two halves. McNabb got going and Peterson looked great, but the defense can’t seem to close games out.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars: With Rookie Blaine Gabbert getting the nod, MJD will have to do that much more. The Jags will look to rely on defense and rushing the football moving forward.

29. St. Louis Rams: The Rams need to give full effort and limit mistakes to be in it after the first half of their schedule. Cadillac Williams did the opposite after dropping a backwards pass and simply watching as the Giants ran it back for a score.

30. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts don’t have a running game to fall back on, but they do have weapons on the outside that Collins can use. If Kerry Collins can find ways to get the ball to his playmakers, the Colts can be at least competitive.

31. Seattle Seahawks: After falling apart late, Seattle did not recover after flying East for an early kickoff in Pittsburgh. T-Jax has won in the NFL before and the NFC West is a weak division.

32. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs have been demolished in each of their games. Things got worse when Jamaal Charles was lost for the season. Charlie Weiss leaving appears to have been huge, but the defense has to improve.

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