Should You See New Moon?

We here at EJSIC have great taste in just about everything.  Our opinions on sports, music, television and movies are renowned and consistently and frighteningly devoid of error.  You name a pop-culture subject and we are pretty much experts at it.

So, naturally, we get inundated with requests for recommendations quite often.  Queries like “would I like Modern Family?” (yes) and “should I get the new Shakira album?” (no) are quite common in our inbox.  But lately, one question in particular has been asked more than any other:

Should I see the new Twilight movie?

Of course, our gut reaction is to say ‘not on your life.’  But, in the interest of fair play, we have designed the following tool to help you make up your own mind whether or not to see it.

Simply respond to the questions truthfully and you will have your answer.


We hope this has been helpful.

11 thoughts on “Should You See New Moon?

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