What Tiger was thinking during his transgressions

nullIn case you’re still in a post-Thanksgiving, sports-overloaded stupor and haven’t heard about Tiger Woods’ personal failures, wake up. It all began with a crazy, early-morning wreck outside his home and rumors of Tiger prowling the night with other women. Now, the world’s number one golfer has admitted to “transgressions” in a statement issued at his website.

Instead of trying to figure out why Tiger did the things he did, I’d rather try to imagine what Tiger was most likely thinking while committing his transgressions.

A. “Get that damn camera, Steve!”

B. “I’ve held plenty of trophies before, but never one like this.”

C. “I’m off the cart path, but not out of bounds.”

D. “Remember Phil at Winged Foot, go for the hole.”

E. “This is the best sand bunker I ever laid up in.”

F. “If I sink this footer, I end the day with a 69.”

G. “F*ck, I can’t get my wood straight.”

H. “I never liked pitching out of the rough and sex is no different.”

Have a favorite from the eight choices above? If so, tell us in the comments. Or, if you have your own suggestion, feel free to add it below. You never know, it may end up on an EJSIC officially licensed t-shirt.

5 thoughts on “What Tiger was thinking during his transgressions

  1. “There’s nothing like the 19th hole”

    “I bet I can make this veejay sing”

    “Damned Cialis doesn’t work. Where’s Fluff when I need him?”

    “Never up, never in.”

    “Damn girl. Grip it, but don’t rip it.”

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