College Basketball Top 25 12/13/09

The EJSIC Top 25: NCAA Basketball
November 29, 2009
Pre-season poll, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4

So, without further ado, here are our rankings (votes – first place votes), with next week’s schedule. Week 5 will be games played between December 13 and December 19. As the season progresses, we’ll keep a log of top wins and bad losses so you can follow the important information to the NCAA tournament.

1. Kentucky 10-0 (98 – 2)
…..Last week: Win vs. #17 Connecticut 64-61, Win @ Indiana 90-73
…..Next week: vs. Austin Peay 12/19
2. Syracuse 8-0 (95 – 1)
…..Last week: Win vs #12 Florida 85-73
…..Next week: vs. St. Francis (NY) 12/13, vs. St. Bonaventure 12/19
3. Kansas 9-0 (86 – 1)
…..Last week: Win @ UCLA 73-61, Win vs. Radford 99-64, Win vs. LaSalle 90-65
…..Next week: vs. Michigan 12/19
4. Villanova 9-0 (83)
…..Last week: Win vs. Maryland 95-86, Win @ St. Joe’s 97-89
…..Next week: @ Temple 12/13, @ Fordham 12/19
5. Purdue 9-0 (82)
…..Last week: Win vs. Valparaiso 86-62, Win @ Alabama 73-65
…..Next week: vs. Ball State 12/19
5. West Virginia 7-0 (82)
…..Last week: Win vs. Duquesne 68-39, vs. Coppin State 69-43
…..Next week: @ Cleveland State 12/19

7. Texas 8-0 (77)
…..Last week: Win vs. Long Beach State 107-74, Win vs. Texas State 87-54
…..Next week: vs. Texas Pan America 12/15, vs. #11 North Carolina 12/19
8. Georgetown 8-0 (72)
…..Last week: Win vs. Butler 72-65, Win @ Washington 74-66
…..Next week: vs. Old Dominion 12/19
9. Duke 7-1 (70)
…..Last week: No Games
…..Next week: vs. Gardner-Webb 12/15, vs. Gonzaga 12/19
10. Tennessee 7-1 (60)
…..Last week: Win @ Middle Tennessee State 75-54
…..Next week: vs. Wyoming 12/15, @ USC 12/19
11. North Carolina 8-2 (57)
…..Last week: Win vs. Presbyterian 103-64
…..Next week: @ #7 Texas 12/19
12. Florida 8-1 (51)
…..Last week: Loss vs #2 Syracuse 75-83
…..Next week: vs. Richmond 12/19
13. Cincinnati 6-1 (50)
…..Last week: Win vs. Miami (OH) 63-59
…..Next week: @ Xavier 12/13, @ UAB 12/16, vs. Lipscomb 12/19
14. New Mexico 10-0 (42)
…..Last week: Win @ San Diego 82-78, Win vs. Texas A&M 84-81
…..Next week: vs. Northern Arizona 12/16, vs. Creighton 12/19
15. Wisconsin 7-2 (33)
…..Last week: Loss @ Green Bay 84-88 OT, Win vs. Marquette 72-63
…..Next week: vs. Cal Poly 12/16
16. Gonzaga 8-2 (27)
…..Last week: Win vs. Augustana ILL 79-40, vs. Davidson 103-91
…..Next week: @ #9 Duke 12/19
17. Connecticut 6-2 (26)
…..Last week: Win vs. Harvard 79-73, Loss vs. #1 Kentucky 61-64
…..Next week: No Games
18. Michigan State 8-2 (23)
…..Last week: Win @ Citadel 69-56, Win vs. Oakland 88-57
…..Next week: vs. IPFW 12/19
18. Kansas State 9-1 (23)
…..Last week: Win vs. Xavier 71-56, Win @ UNLV 95-80
…..Next week: @ Alabama 12/19
20. Texas Tech 9-0 (22)
…..Last week: Win @ TCU 80-70
…..Next week: @ Wichita State 12/19
21. Miami 9-1 (18)
…..Last week: Loss @ BC 60-61, Win vs. South Carolina State 91-54
…..Next week: @ Stetson 12/16, vs. Florida Atlantic 12/19
22. Missouri State 9-0 (18)
…..Last week: Win vs. Tennessee Martin 79-51, Win vs. Arkansas State 75-64
…..Next week: @ St. Louis 12/19
23. Ohio State 7-2 (16)
…..Last week: Loss vs. Butler 66-74
…..Next week: vs. Presbyterian 12/16, vs. Delaware State 12/19
24. Memphis 7-1 (14)
…..Last week: Win vs. Montana State 76-51, @ Arkansas Little Rock 83-71
…..Next week: @ UMass 12/19
25. Clemson 7-2 (12)
…..Last week: Win vs. South Carolina 72-61
…..Next week: vs East Carolina 12/16, vs. College of Charleston 12/19

Others receiving votes: UNLV (11), Butler (11), Washington (9), Mississippi (9), Washington State (6), Charlotte (5), Illinois (5), Texas A&M (3), Illinois State (2), Georgia Tech (1), BYU (1)

AP poll

Coach’s poll

8 thoughts on “College Basketball Top 25 12/13/09

  1. Even without a Big East fan voting, the conference still wound up with 4 of the top 8 and 5 of the top 13… for a bunch of haters, you guys really give some respect…

    Surprised Texas fell so low, but they’ve been off the radar with their latest games in comparison to the other top teams

  2. I was interested to see that also – I didn’t have Georgetown nearly as high as others. Undefeated maybe, but against nobody really. I’m not sold on Butler or Washington being good wins – decent, but not good. Cincy is in the same boat. I had them lower than they ended up. I also think Nova needs to play someone soon or I’m going to start jumping them in the poll. And, while I’m a bit of a WVU fan, they also need to play someone. In my eyes, with the beatdown of Florida, nobody in the country looks as good as Syracuse.

  3. One thing is clear… We’re putting a lot of weight on who teams are winning against as far as how the top 10 shakes out. It’s the fairest way to do it I guess. That said…

    Texas is at least 2 spots lower than the lowest spot I could conceivably put them. There’s just way too much talent on that roster to have them out of the top 5 without a loss.

    New Mexico at #14 is a pretty big leap. It may be a symptom of how bad other teams wins are, rather than how good theirs have been.

    Missouri State? Seriously?

    Other than that, I have no real arguments. We obviously all varied quite a bit on our bottom 10 teams.

  4. Flop, I’m at the point in the basketball season where some teams have played a good schedule and have a loss – that doesn’t mean they should be ranked below a team like Texas – who may have talent but haven’t played anyone. Texas plays UNC Saturday and then Michigan State next Tuesday, so we’ll know how good they are after that. I had them in my top 10, but they aren’t at the same level as Syracuse, Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Purdue, or West Virginia until they prove it.

  5. I don’t blame you at all, Jose.

    I think it’s just part of the transition from pre-season potential to OOC reality.

    I may be dragging my feet a bit in that regard. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have had Kansas as my #1 and Texas in the top 5.

    LOL @ Nova, by the way. It seems like we have a big upset every Sunday after this thing comes out.

  6. Missouri State is getting love for being undefeated and having a high RPI. I don’t want to go into why the RPI is worthless right now and not much better in the spring, but that’s no reason to rank a team. We all watch the games. Sure, Missouri State doesn’t get much air time, but you can check out their scores almost anywhere. Their best win is probably 7-1 Tulsa. Unless you would argue that 5-4 Auburn is better.

    We’re talking about dinging Kansas or Texas for not playing anyone, yet both of those teams have played tougher schedules than Missouri State. It’s pretty sad for a mid major to play all cupcakes and other mid majors and make it into the top 25. Everyone should be held to the same standard – New Mexico included.

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