The BCS Championship

Tonight, BCS #1 Alabama and #2 Texas play for the college football national championship*. I don’t intend to fill this post with rehashed analysis such as the staunch Alabama defense, Heisman winners in the big game, SEC vs Big XII in bowl games, etc. Instead, I want to rant and rave like a possessed two year old with the knowledge from the beginning that a playoff is unlikely in the near future.


But as a native Southerner, my friends always ask me: “How can you like the NFL better than college football?” Then they lists the various reasons: 100,000 seat stadiums, nasty rivalries, kids playing for the name on the front of the jersey rather than the back (I disagree, but that’s another discussion), and so forth. All great reasons. In fact, I want to like college football more than the NFL. I want to love it.

I really want to, but I can’t. How can I put faith into a sport more scripted than the WWE? Four to five teams a year have a shot at playing for the championship and those few teams are hand-picked by sportswriters before a game is ever played. How asinine is that?

We can all argue ’til we drop dead about strength of schedule, conference affiliation, etc., but hasn’t Boise State done enough to deserve some attention? They’ve beaten mighty Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. They’ve beaten another undefeated, non-BCS team in TCU just the other night. They went to Oregon a year ago and won. They hosted the Ducks on the blue turf last August and won again. They’re playing Oregon State and Virginia Tech next season. And arguably, BSU will have the best team on paper then. But, will they ever be given a chance?


The game of college football has evolved. It will no longer be dominated by USC, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan, Alabama, etc. Sure, those programs will still put forth good teams, but now they will contend with non-traditional powers. And it isn’t time we adapt along with the game?

4 thoughts on “The BCS Championship

  1. Agreed. I don’t care about college football at all, because it’s far too predictable in terms of the contenders, IMO. Plus, I can’t stand all the missed fundamental plays, like missed blocks, poor tackling, and missed field goals. It can be entertaining, but I just prefer the NFL.

  2. The fact that college football is decided by opinion rather than actual play is the single greatest tragedy in sports. It’s comparable to our insistence on using fossil fuels, even though better technologies have already been developed. Tradition and money have out weighed common sense for far too long.

    I still prefer college football to the NFL, but it’s only because I have a strong rooting interest in my particular college team and I lack that passion for my NFL team. The NFL on the whole is much more legitimate.

  3. I believe all that is wrong with college football can be boiled down to Ohio State. It’s the Rose Bowl and Ohio State’s insistence on playing in it every year. The thing is, they could still do that – it would be like their own little NIT. No CBB team is forced to go to the NCAA tournament. No CFB team would be forced to go to their tournament. I’m sure they’d still have bowl games for the 60 schools that would still get to play “post season” football.

  4. Although having to put up with sportswriters’ favorites is not confined only to college football, it is the worst example. I used to think, “Oh, but when the sportswriters that followed college football in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s are dead, maybe we’ll see less favoritism.” What’s sad is seeing younger sportswriters buy into this travesty and rank teams like Ohio State and Notre Dame in the Top 25 even though they can barely remember either team going undefeated or not being embarrassed in a bowl game.

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