[insert sound of own horn being tooted]

Online news/gossip mag, TMZ, is usually on top of all things celebrity and pop-culture.  Whatever their methods, be they questionable or legit, they get info out there before a lot of other outlets and most of the time, they are right on.

During the tumultuous hours last June while the world awaited news of Michael Jackson’s increasingly discussed condition, it was TMZ that announced his death before any other news agency was able to.

Love them or hate them, they are always there at the front edge of breaking news.

Which is exactly why I wanted to point out their coverage of the hotness that is Women’s Olympic Curling which they published this morning….a FULL FIVE DAYS after we covered it right here at EJSIC.

We may not have paparazzi on the ground in every back alley in Los Angeles or a fraction of their readers, but for this one instance, WE won.

Watch your back, TMZ.

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