Are You Addicted to Sex?

Your friends here at the EJSIC care about your mental and physical health.  After all, without readers, this site will likely never turn a profit.

To that end, we have unveiled our quick, easy, and free Sex Addiction Self-Test Kit.  Take this test and determine whether you might need to head to Mississippi before your better half splits your face open with a nine-iron shows enormous grace and poise throughout this ordeal.

Hint:  click on the image for a better view.  (Especially if you’re nearly blind from…well, you know.)

EJSIC Sex Addiction Self-Test

6 thoughts on “Are You Addicted to Sex?

  1. its a damn box orgy!!

    all those boxes having sex with each other.. damn i am getting hot just looking at it!!

    i think if you have rules .. you are not an addict..

    a friend’s rule was anything between 8 and 80 that had not been dead for more than 3 days.. tho i am rethinking this as i saw this really hot 90 year old!! oh well, rules are made to be broken….

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