Luke Warm Linkage

Can you guess which of these @##es is Oscar worthy?

5 thoughts on “Luke Warm Linkage

  1. they are both oscar candidates!!

    the small one is sandra bullock from some movie i did not see
    and the big one is Mo’nique from another movie i did not see

    like i really watch the oscars when i have march madness to keep me warm at night.. if they want me to care about the oscars they should put it after basketball/hockey playoffs and before pro football exhibition games (but not too late in the baseball season that i am already thinking about the series hopefuls)..

  2. flop..

    on that skinput thing.. i am thinking larger folks would become more popular like wide screen tv’s!!

    on the video, when he rolls the car.. it should “fix” the question..
    ==> i love the video itself .. the cigs, the dog, the ladybugs, the clown shoes, etc.. this should have been up for an academy award!!

  3. Ha. I wanted to work in a fat black lady joke so bad, but I resisted.

    Monique would kill as a Skinput monitor.

  4. flop..

    but it is true that it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.. (sorta)

    that link to the oscar dresses….

    a) Mo’Nique is the only one with a date
    b) the brother with has one big a$$ smile on his face

    so he must have gotten him some big girl love, and from the smile, it must have been pretty good…

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