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  1. I have to admit, I overreacted a bit. Our draw is pretty good when you look at the full bracket, but when I look at the types of teams I didn’t want, I wasn’t happy.

    1) Didn’t want to be on the same side of the bracket as Kansas (and think we got screwed there)
    2) Didn’t want to face a long & physical defense early in the tourney (Florida State potentially)
    3) Didn’t want BYU to be in the same bracket, especially if it was in the West

  2. I think you have a legit gripe with Duke being seeded ahead of you. The committee obviously put a little too much weight on the conference tournaments.

    The big contradiction, though, was that they then over-seeded Villanova as a 2. It makes no sense.

    Overall, I like our bracket, but it really sucks to have the former #1 team in the country playing in our 8-9 game. What if Texas decides to finally put it together for the tournament? We just have to hope that they play like they have the last half of the year and not like they did the first half.

    I really didn’t want Louisville or Texas in the second round, but oh well…

    Other than that, I feel like we match up well with all the other teams on our side of the bracket.

  3. shred.. the cuse got hosed, any real fan can figure that out..

    dook, has some a$$ pimple on the selection committee..

    flop.. surprised by texas, and by NO location.. word from the K fund folks had UK st. louis bound, as long as we made SEC semi. may still go to st. louis anyway.. wouldn’t mind KU.. but not thrilled at tOSU being there. it would not surprise me to see T Ford go deeper than people think. you going to FF if UK is in?

  4. I’d love to go.

    I’ve got to balance out how much to pay for the tickets against how long I want to wait to make sure that UK is playing.

    I may end up just going regardless, since it’s so close this time.

  5. The reports of my demise are largely exaggerated, although I’m glad to see I have a fan.

    My thoughts: Shred, don’t worry about FSU. The entire ACC sucks this year and I don’t see a single one of them (except maybe Dook) getting past the first weekend. Remember last year? This year’s ACC crop is even worse than last year’s. Also, Flop, Texas will not get everything together to make a run because Barnes’s teams never do. My other thought is that Dook hasn’t beaten anyone of note all season and could fall easily before the Elite 8. They were given an easy path solely because they’re good for ratings and a difficult path would have had them making their usual early exit earlier than normal–like maybe in the second round. Also, should some miracle happen and they end up playing one of the other #1 seeds, they don’t stand a chance. Syracuse in particular would kill them and Scheyerface and Singlerstein also are no match for anyone on Kentucky’s or Kansas’s team.

    An interesting note–my boyfriend (who has no strong feelings about any team except UNC) asked if we could stop watching the Georgia Tech – Dook game yesterday because he was getting sick of watching “that Duke coach who thinks he’s God.” We switched to Kentucky – Mississippi State and he liked that much better.

  6. Mississippi State >>>> Utah State, FWIW.

    They have no one to blame but themselves for not getting in, though. They should have been a top 25 team all year (#18 to start) with their roster.

  7. With more and more time to settle down. I’m thrilled in a lot of ways. Vanderbilt/Butler is just about the best 4/5 we could’ve asked for. Kansas State is just about the best 2 seed we could’ve asked for. Avoiding Texas as our 8 seed is great. I just wish we didn’t have BYU in the West (read: Salt Lake City) bracket, although it’s nice that they’re on the other side of the half of the bracket. If our bracket wasn’t on the same half as Kansas, it’d be close to a perfect situation.

  8. al,

    marry the man!!

    seriously, why in the world of powder blue folks were you watching dook when there was ANY other sporting event on.. tiddley winks on ESPN the OCHO, or maybe root canal would be preferred….


    i blame the committee for jumping dook over the cuse, dook had to blow .. er blame someone else.. i am more worried about the badgers – i think they have the lowest turnover # in the nation.. and they appear to play ball control better than most.. slow and sludgey may not be exciting to watch.. but may offer a chance for a badger win..


    like the movie airplane.. looks like the SEC picked to wrong year to not have a member on the selection committee….

    if little ricky can face old rat face.. maybe he could send the dook’s home early.. if not it could be FF and beyond (while i agree dook is beatable, you all have failed to factor in the ref’s which adds 6+ ppg in any game the devils play in..

    dangit.. they pulled RA from the apple blossom.. thanks for ruining my post NCAA blues therapy weekend.. FEAR the Z!!

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