Porn Star Samantha Ryan Threatens to Sue Sports Blog

Can a porn star sue a blog for parodying the fact that she’s a porn star? Samantha Ryan evidently thinks so.

In what can only be described as a sign of the Apocalypse, Samantha Ryan’s lawyer ordered Kentucky Sports Radio to take down a post that supposedly defamed everyone’s favorite Kansas fan with references to her career as a porn star. Here’s a link to the letter and KSR’s response.

The KSR post was in response to this video from Ryan arguing why it’s better to be a Jayhawk than a Wildcat. As you might expect, the blog picked up on the ridiculous premise of having a porn star as your new famous fan and made fun of her/Kansas accordingly. You’d think someone who starred in Butt Pirates of the Caribbean would have a better sense of humor.

I’m no lawyer, but I’m guessing this wouldn’t even warrant the time it takes a judge to drop his morning deuce. Still, since stupid people seem to rule the world now, I’m glad I thought to put this on our site. Is it 2012 yet?

13 thoughts on “Porn Star Samantha Ryan Threatens to Sue Sports Blog

  1. I’m not a fan of this new-found animosity between KU and UK. Personally, I liked it better when Kentucky didn’t matter at all to us.

  2. vj,

    i am unaware of said animosity between UK and KU?

    i have watched and enjoyed both for many years..

    if you mean the media.. remember said media thinks dook is good..

    i rest my point, and do not listen to said media for real insight..

  3. Kansas was barely a blip on our radar until they won that 08 title (2 titles in 100+ years, seriously?). We were much more concerned with North Carolina, Duke, and Louisville.

    Now, we’re both recruiting the same kids. We’re both vying for national titles again. It’s natural that a cold-war type rivalry would begin to form.

  4. 2 titles in 68 years…thank you very much. If you want to go all 100+, you have to give us ’22 and ’23.

    It’s not our fault that we’ve lost more NC games than most programs have Final Fours.

    Well, it IS our fault, but you know what I mean.


    I’m pretty sure we’ve got one of those as well. They tell me that the NIT titles were a big deal back then too…

  6. flop..

    i must question your BBN status..

    KU.. home of Phog Allen and a player named Adolph Rupp

    UK.. home of Adolph Rupp and a 24,000 seat arena named RUPP

    now i am not old enough to remember meeting Allen, but i remember meeting Rupp (being a small yard ape at the time). it was like meeting jesus, elvis, patton, and some other folks rolled into one (maybe this spell is just cast on kids from kentucky and indiana). While Rupp was coaching they played around christmas about once a decade.. but then as Rupp was winding down.. and RUPP was being built.. came the good times for a friendly rivalry to develop.. capped off with the OT games in 78 & 81, and the 84 game on new years eve (i remember that night like some people remember where they were when kennedy got shot, or the challenger exploded).

    i know the win / loss was a bit lopsided to uk, but they were good games (and most were heard on radio with Cawood Ledford – as it was better than watching TV). then little ricky came along and got his behind paddled by KU in 89, and pouted by ending the developing rivalry.. as sad day indeed for KU and UK fans.. as the media focused on dook / unc in the past 20 years.. KU and UK are the history – past, present, and future!

    i consider UK and KU as those in a select group, with UNC and IU, (dook is the johnny come lately and ucla was about a decade, not much before, and not much since). and yes i enjoy the cuse, and others they do not have the history of UK and KU.

  7. flop..

    the NIT was the NCAA before the NCAA got bigger.. then the new york gambling fix happened (see holy cross and others go down the tubes) and the NCAA became the big deal.. funny as now the NIT is owned by the NCAA..

  8. I realize this is a bit of a late post, but if not for the porn industry, would we ever have known that Jamie Mance [a.k.a. Samantha Ryan] —lovely and talented and all that as she may be— even happens to exist?

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