LeBron mistreats ball boy?

While waiting to check back into a playoff game in Cleveland’s first round series against the Bulls, LeBron tosses his warm-ups to the floor despite the ball boy waiting with a hand out beside him? Was he being a dick, or did LeBron just not see the guy there? You be the judge (video below).

All I know is that as LeBron’s career has progressed, more and more evidence has surfaced to contradict some of the positive views the national media has shed on him. That said, I’m willing to give LeBron the benefit of the doubt. He’s not explicitly looking at the ball boy, and perhaps it was an oversight on his part. Whatever really happened, it does not look that good for LBJ.

If you disagree or just want to bash the Cav’s superstar, do so in our comments section below.

4 thoughts on “LeBron mistreats ball boy?

  1. Also a distinct possibility that throwing his warmups on the ground at that spot is a superstitious thing. A lot of athletes are really almost OCD about superstitions like that.

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  3. That’s a good point, uksocal. It’s hard to tell from the video what is happening exactly. Unfortunately, some people in this country like to rush to judgment.

  4. Yeah, imo, he probably just didn’t realize the ball boy was reaching for his warmups or he reacted out of instinct. Nobody robs Lebron. Nobody.

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