Luke Warm Linkage

They @#$%ed with the wrong farmer.

  • As expected, the Pac 10 has extended an invite to Utah to join their conference. Pac 10 officials have to be just a little disappointed at getting Colorado and Utah instead the Texas and Oklahoma bunch.
  • An Orlando TV Sports guy is reporting that the Big East is set to invite UCF and Memphis to join up. This would push their conference to a staggering 18 teams. You have to think they’re doing this as a precaution in case a conference that actually matters decides to raid them, but what if they don’t? 18 teams in basketball is absolutely absurd.
  • Texas A&M AD Bill Byrne issues an apology after leaving a nasty voicemail to an Aggie fan in response to his expansion “complaints”. Seems Aggie fans were a little disappointed that they didn’t end up in the SEC. Don’t feel too bad, though, guys. At least you still have this to look forward to on campus.
  • “The Situation” has released a clip promoting his new Rap album. Masochists, click here to bring the pain.
  • Candidate may have lied about his heroic death in Vietnam.
  • Greedy Chinese developers tried to steal the wrong man’s farm and got a face full of explosives for their trouble.
  • Surprise! You really weren’t supposed to drive there:

2 thoughts on “Luke Warm Linkage

  1. flop,

    Yang is awesome!!!!!!!!

    KU needs to hire this guy for their negotiations in the Longhorn Conference (formerly the Big 12, sorta like the artist know as Prince, except the new name actually describes the conference more than the old one). Somebody has to put that Bevo thing in its place (or at least out of its misery) as they keep showing the clip of it drooling and chewing cud.


    As Bevo TV is on the way (I wish I was making it up) the Jayhawks are gonna get even more third world status in a “football” world. Is there any Kansas megabooster (like T Boone for OSU) that can get KU out of that $hit sandwich that the Longhorn Conference now calls home! For the sake of basketball lovers the world over can somebody help KU!

  2. That dude is a badass of the highest order. He took on 100 freakin’ people with nothing but a bunch of fireworks.

    Texas has revealed themselves to be the only true power in the Big 12. Can you imagine Alabama or Florida dictating the future of the entire SEC?

    Thankfully, we have 4-5 Texases in our conference to keep each other in check.

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