Luke Warm Linkage

As a resident of Massachusetts, Tom Brady is officially gay. I can’t say that I’m surprised.

6 thoughts on “Luke Warm Linkage

  1. vj,

    okay, I rode the short bus as a kid. what is glee?


    duck hunt with that gun. AWESOME! , the game with the tank driving over the other drivers was pretty cool tho.

    great link on the Simpsons voices. your links for LWL always appreciated

  2. I don’t whether I’m more shocked that you don’t know what Glee is….or more envious that you don’t know what Glee is.

    Either way, it’s a one-trick pony TV show on Fox that wore out its welcome after 1.5 episodes.

  3. flop,

    so you are saying pretty soon we will all be spanish speaking homosexuals in the US, maybe i should move to canada and learn chineese.


    TV is now just bad shows and infomercials, outside of live sports and occasional movies i am well out of the loop on most shows. I have never seen an episode of lost, desperate housewives, and any reality show that involved viewer input. I watched and episode or two of sex in the city and turned to the women I was watching it with. I asked why a show about a women with 4 split personalities was entertaining. I told her I was happy to have real sex with her, but watching a show with such a title was false advertising. Now I get to have real sex without having to watch the show. Everybody wins!

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