EJSIC Fall Television Dead Pool

In honor of the dawning of yet another absurdly-optimistic corporate foray into the world of “quality” television, I’m bringing a VJ-”house”hold tradition to the pages of EJSIC.

Welcome to… The 2010 Fall Television Dead Pool

The rules are simple. Jerks and guests, alike, simply choose which new fall show you think is going to get canceled first. The person who selects the show that is axed first will receive a prize of undecided worth.

Last year's esteemed winner

Remember, it’s easy to say that you knew Eastwick was gonna get canned. But, it’s just as easy to be that douchebag who picked Modern Family. So, pick wisely.

Here are your choices:

T8) Better With You (ABC)
- Blue Bloods (CBS) Ben Betta
- Body of Proof (ABC) Penny D.
6) Chase (NBC) Walrus (in absentia)
T9) Defenders (CBS) Shred Torn
T8) Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC) Nomore Toys
T8) The Event (NBC) M. Street
- Hawaii 5-0 (CBS) Flop
10) Hellcats (CW) Carrie
T8) Law and Order: Los Angeles (NBC)
1) Lone Star (FOX) elmo*
12) Love Bites (NBC) Mrs. Wacky
- Mike and Molly (CBS) Small Arms McGee
2) My Generation (ABC) Commaman
- Nikita (CW)
T8) No Ordinary Family (ABC) gentry13
3) Outlaw (NBC) Peno Noir
11) Outsourced (NBC) Vagabond Joe
- Raising Hope (FOX)
7) Running Wilde (FOX)
T9) $#*! My Dad Says (CBS)
5) Undercovers (NBC) angryapple
4) The Whole Truth (ABC)

DISCLAIMER: Only new shows on network stations are included. No cable shows, for obvious reasons. Also, reality shows are not included, because it is typically impossible to cancel a reality show mid-season. I will wait until the 5th choice is in before I make mine as to not cherry pick any obvious picks. Once all shows are picked, selection will be closed. If a show goes unpicked, but is canceled, the game continues until a show that has been picked gets canceled.

* – Winner (9/29/10)

27 thoughts on “EJSIC Fall Television Dead Pool

  1. My first guess would be Hawaii 5-0. Remakes don’t typically do well (Bionic Woman) and this will be the third series for Alex O’Loughlin in just as many years. But the third time could be the charm and old people love CBS so there might be a chance for success.

    I’d love to see Hellcats, Aly Michalka and her boob job crash and burn faster than The Beautiful People. Disney kids aren’t supposed to grow up. It’s unnatural.

  2. My first inclination was to pick “Undercovers” because people hate watching black people.

    Then I thought “Mike and Molly” because people hate watching fat people even more.

    That said, I’m going with “Hawaii 5-0″ because it looks like it sucks enough to overcome all that.

  3. There are just so many choices. I know. The CW usually pulls plugs pretty quick, but then again, they let Melrose Place run for MUCH longer than it should have. So, who knows if Hellcats will take or not.

    Mike and Molly is the same dude who does Big Bang Theory. So, we’ll see if inexplicable lightning strikes twice.

    As for Undercovers…last year’s trend was to make the next ER (Trauma, Mercy, etc.) This year, it seems like they’re out to find the next Alias. I wish I could include Covert Affairs on USA because it looks like a carbon copy of Alias…with the added zing of episode titles named after Led Zeppelin songs.

    Either way, good choices so far.

  4. I’ll take Detroit 1-8-7. Looks like a terrible show abut a terrible city. Although I took Glee in last year’s version of this on another network, so my track record is pretty much crap.

  5. Put me down for My Generation. The producers of that show must be crazy to think people of this generation have the attention span to follow the lives of nine separate individuals. I only got through six in the preview before I cut it off.

  6. Since Mike already grabbed The Event (it deserves cancellation just for its commercials alone…see also: My Own Worst Enemy from 2008)…I’ll go with my second choice: A show that I don’t so much think will get canceled first (though it surely will at some point) but rather I wish was never even green-lit at all. It. Looks. Awful.

  7. Is Outsourced based on the movie of the same name? If so, I already saw it and it doesn’t deserve a TV spinoff. But I said the same thing about MASH, so what do I know?*

    *I’m kidding. I’m not that old.

  8. curse you ben betta!

    I was going to go for the old guy actor angle! (so many shows with people I have no idea who they are) and will never see anyway

    flop has gone with the retread concept, so I will follow suit

    Lonestar looks like Dallas: The Next Generation (yes, weak star trek attempt).

    Lonestar is my pick!

  9. I’m really sad I can’t pick one of the ones about Texas to hate on because those look more awful than the actual state.

    The one I want to fail the most is Nikita because of the infuriatingly annoying TV ads, but I fear the CW has poured to much money into it to pull the plug before some of these other disasters, law of sunk costs be damned.

    I’ll take “Undercovers” for $500 because network shows with black protagonists never succeed, the name of the show is awful, and NBC seems to cancel a good rate of their shows.

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