Vagabond Joe: A Fitting Tribute to the King of Pop

In honor of the passing of Michael Jackson, we wanted to offer a fitting and lasting tribute as only we can.  So without further ado, we present:

The 5 Hottest Videos from his sister, Janet

We’ll start the countdown with an Honorable Mention which goes to the video for “Every Time.”  But considering she’s naked and surround by/covered with water throughout the entire video…it’s kind of cheating.  Besides, the light contacts make her look a bit like an alien in this one.

5. “Runaway – It’s a globetrotting, greenscreen and nose chain bonanza. Here, Janet gives us the quirkier side of her sense of style. Not quite as quirky as, say…”Together Again,” but definitely cuter.

4. “AgainJanet-era Janet was the height of her hotness as far as I’m concerned. It’s no wonder that three of the videos in this list come from that album. This ballad is the first and in it we find Janet just lounging hotly around the house reminiscing about a former flame.

3. “If – On the other end of the beats-per-minute scale, comes this rousing, dance-filled ode to the classic “you coulda had all this” theme. Janet looks great while proving that this dude is on the wrong side of luck.

2. “Love Would Never Do Without You – Breaking out of the militaristic and frumpy styles of her early career, Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) showed us that she does, indeed, have what it takes to be a sex symbol with this stylistic day at the beach.

1. “That’s the Way Love Goes – Picking up immediately after (or before) “If,” this soulful video shows the exact same Janet grooving with her friends. It might not be as overt as its counterpart, but it is definitely the epitome of hot. And, we’ll even throw in a young Jennifer Lopez, just for good measure.


originally published on 07-07-2009

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