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Can you guess which of these @##es is Oscar worthy?

Hahahahahaha RE: Ole Miss

This comes via the Facebook page of our friends at Sports Xtra in Nashville (AM 560) via TMZ. It appears the University of Mississippi, better known as Ole Miss, may be replacing beloved sideline mascot Colonel Reb with Admiral Ackbar, the Commander of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars.

First, hahahahahahahaha. Second, WTF? Growing up an hour north of Oxford, I would’ve never predicted this in a million years. Ole Miss has always displayed the values of the old South and this is so non-South that it seems to come only from left field.


This just screams, "Go Rebels!" doesn't it?

I can’t imagine too many happy tailgaters sitting in the grove slapping high-fives with this mutated bass fish abomination. But, whatever gives you a 21st century appeal. That’s what the administration wants, after all. They want to distance themselves from the problems throughout the history of the South and this definitely does it.

Hotty Toddy, gosh almighty, when is that ever going to scare somebody?