Anthony Davis-ing: The Latest Internet Sensation

For those of you that have kept up with all things interwebby, you’re probably familiar with planking, horseman-ing, batman-ing, and, of course, Tebowing.

We here at the EJSIC like to be on the cutting edge of trends before they hit the mainstream. With that in mind, we give you Anthony Davis-ing…

Don't mistake that look on his face for confusion. He knows exactly what he's doing.

A little thick for our taste, but if you got it then flaunt it.

Frida was truly a pioneer... in Anthony Davis-ing.

Maybe W. should have stuck with his first love and focused on the brow.

I'm pretty sure his brow is stealing your lunch money.

And of course... The original. #FearTheBrow

All have a great future in a public relations career.