Kansas Jayhawks Will Not Be Playing Connecticut on an Aircraft Carrier; Focused on Deal With the U.S. Air Force

LAWRENCE, KS – Officials at the University of Kansas have killed the rumor that the Jayhawks would be playing a basketball game on an aircraft carrier against the UConn Huskies in 2012.  Connecticut officials are still looking to find an opponent for the 2nd Carrier Classic.

The 2011 edition of the Classic featuring Michigan State and North Carolina, has been a long discussed possibility that finally became reality this summer.

The college basketball world is understandably thrilled about the upcoming spectacle and all that maritime-based basketball could mean for the future of the sport.  So, why would KU not want to participate in such a special event?

“We just don’t feel it’s right for us to commit to the Carrier Classic at this time when we have other deals in the works,” Kansas Athletic Director, Sheahon Zenger said in an interview.  When asked to which other deals he was referring, he smiled coyly and said “I believe you know the answer to that.”

Indeed, buzz has been hot about the possibility of the Jayhawks starting their own classic series…on the wings of a modified C-17 cargo jet.

Aerial Allen Fieldhouse?

Details are still fuzzy, but it is believed that a custom-made court will be affixed to the top of the wing span of the military grade transport aircraft.

NCAA officials work to secure a prototype basket on a C-17 at Edwards AFB in California

The game would then be played while the jet ran low-altitude maneuvers over the Nevada desert.  Zenger hopes to have an opponent announced by next spring.

“It’s an exciting time for college basketball and American military vehicles, ” Zenger said. “Who knows what kind of possibilities for sport/war machine partnership are out there?”

Only time will tell if he is right.