Cleveland is better off without LeBron

I repeat: the city of Cleveland is better off without LeBron James leading its basketball team. If this round of free agency has proven anything, it’s how much of a farce LBJ really is. Cleveland doesn’t need it.

Sure, LeBron has helped to transform that franchise into perennial Eastern Conference contenders. And we’ve all heard countless times during this process that LeBron has an impact both on and off the court. He brings money to the city.

He is the entire franchise. He’s the future face of the NBA (if he isn’t already, though Kobe would like to have a say in that discussion), and he’s the local kid who rose up from the ranks to command the team of his childhood.

He’s all of that except the hometown hero. LeBron roots for the Yankees and Cowboys, not the Browns and Indians. He’s not Cleveland, not the way the fans who fill Quicken Loans Arena 41 times a season want him to be.

As Yahoo! NBA columnist Adrian Wojnarowski wrote, it’s all about LeBron and no one else. It’s about his own brand, his own image, his own ego.

There was hope for James when he entered the league that he would be different. His skills set him apart from others his age. They still do. His monstrous dunks and deflating blocks are part of a unique skill set built into a forward’s body with the ball-skills of a guard.

LBJ’s free agency has proven he’s no different than any other athlete; me, me, me all the time. So when ESPN airs this ridiculous “The Decision” special Thursday at 9 pm, don’t watch. That’s what LeBron wants. And Cleveland, don’t watch. He may or may not break your heart, but he’s dragged you through the mud enough.

Cleveland, you’ll survive with or without LeBron. With him, you still won’t win an NBA Championship and you’ll be nothing more than second class. Without him, you can move on.

Is LeBron’s legacy on the line tonight?

After the Game 5 debacle, national sports writers roasted King James for his performance in Cleveland after the 32 point beat-down. They asked questions: Was that LeBron’s last game in Cleveland? Does he have the desire to win? One particular article even mentioned LeBron’s growing role in college recruiting as a sign that his mind is not completely right.

Cleveland wants a ring, LeBron.

Whatever it may be, we can all agree that the Cavs, and James in particular, sucked in Game 5. They didn’t make shots, they still didn’t have an answer for Rajon Rondo, and they played no defense whatsoever.

Now, they face elimination. They face a second round exit as a number one seed that would surely mark the end of Mike Brown’s tenure. It might prompt trades and anything else seen as necessary to keep LeBron. And it might just mean the end of LeBron in Cleveland.

Boston’s veteran players know how to finish a series at home, and they know the importance of not going back to Cleveland for the all-deciding Game 7. They will bring their A game tonight. The real question is: will LeBron bring his?

It’s not a question of talent. It’s desire and the will to win. It’s time for James to put the entire city on his back tonight and win. He’s done it before (25 straight points against Detroit a few years back). Can he do it again? Otherwise, his time in Cleveland will be remembered as such: when his team was number one, LeBron failed to reach the NBA Finals.

Celtics vs Cavaliers Game 5

It may seem a little random for EJSIC to be previewing a single NBA Playoff game, but this post is more than just a preview. It’s a critique of the NBA’s best team (record wise) and their inability to close out the Celtics. The remaining playoff teams (Lakers, Suns, Magic) all swept their second round opponents and await the conclusion of this series.

Now, it would be wise to point out that the Cavs are facing a good team in the Celtics, the same Celts that won the NBA Championship two seasons ago. But the Cavs were dominant this season. The have league MVP LeBron James and a host of other role players and (former) all-stars.

What they don’t have is even more apparent in this series: an answer for Rajon Rondo. The former Kentucky Wildcat is quickly climbing the ladder of NBA point guard hierarchy with his play the last few seasons in May and June. He gained even more notoriety in game 4 of the series with his triple-double performance which helped the Celtics even the series at two games a piece.

All of this comes to one conclusion: the Cavaliers are in trouble. While the rest of the championship contenders are pulling out the brooms, Cleveland is lallygagging around with injury-prone veterans (and one young point guard). Can they salvage the series? Yes, starting with a win tonight (they really cannot afford to lose it either). They are supposed to be in the NBA Finals, a second round exit would not look good. They have the best player in the universe on their team, yet they struggle to put away the four seed.

If Cleveland wants to remove the stigma of being a championship-less city, they need the Cavaliers to play strong and finish this series in the next two games. It is essentially a three game series now, anything can happen.

When: Tonight, May 11 8 p.m. EST
Where: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio

LeBron mistreats ball boy?

While waiting to check back into a playoff game in Cleveland’s first round series against the Bulls, LeBron tosses his warm-ups to the floor despite the ball boy waiting with a hand out beside him? Was he being a dick, or did LeBron just not see the guy there? You be the judge (video below).

All I know is that as LeBron’s career has progressed, more and more evidence has surfaced to contradict some of the positive views the national media has shed on him. That said, I’m willing to give LeBron the benefit of the doubt. He’s not explicitly looking at the ball boy, and perhaps it was an oversight on his part. Whatever really happened, it does not look that good for LBJ.

If you disagree or just want to bash the Cav’s superstar, do so in our comments section below.

The smell that you thought was Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio was blackballed earlier this year when announced it was the most miserable city in the US of A. Now, I’m not usually one to LOL at misery, but in the case of Cleveland last night, it is too irresistible.

But before we LOL, we need to first establish the true smell of Cleveland. For that, we turn to the ever-popular and never wrong (slight hyperbole) Urban Dictionary. “Cleveland Smell” has its own entry at the online dictionary of slang language: “The smell is primarily a mix of factory waste, marijuana smoke, and gunpowder. There is also a hint of decaying bodies, burning rivers, crack smoke, alcohol, rat poison, and rabid dogs.”

Sounds nasty, but last night a new stench was added: combo-douche (my own contribution to English). Combo-douche is when two or more douches are in close proximity to one another. Chicago Bulls PF Joakim Noah combined with his counterpart on Cleveland, Anderson Varejao, to create a new wrinkle in the stench of Cleveland.

Noah is best known for his goofy dance at Florida after winning a National Championship (see below). And he recently said the city of Cleveland “sucks.” Well, he was correct in that aspect, but little does Noah know, he added to the suckitude last night with his ponytail and overall goofy-looking self.

The other half of the combo-douche, the “Brazilian Bro Fro” Anderson Varejao has been contributing to Cleveland’s stench for some time. Varejao has been known to flop in the past, something American sports fans don’t take to kindly. Need more proof of his douchery? Just check out the video below. Even if it is All-Star Dwyane Wade, no one should ever get dunked on quite so hard (or by someone 7 inches smaller than you).

So now you know, America. The smell that traversed great distances and came through your television screen was not some TNT Smell-O-Vision. It actually was the smell of Cleveland, Ohio, America’s most miserable city.

NBA First Round Preview

The National Basketball Association has ended its regular season, and the fourteen month playoffs start tonight, April 17. EJSIC is previewing each of the first round series beginning with the Eastern Conference.

Eastern Conference
1 Cleveland Cavaliers vs 8 Chicago Bulls – The Bulls squeaked into the playoffs with wins in their last two games. LeBron James is the front-runner MVP candidate, and the Cavs should win this series even without much from James. Cavs in 4.

2 Orlando Magic vs 7 Charlotte Bobcats – Superman Dwight Howard leads the reigning Eastern Conference champion Magic back to the playoffs against Larry Brown’s Bobcats. The Magic have Vince Carter this season to provide a bonafide scoring guard which should make them even more dangerous in a 7 game series. Magic in 5.

3 Atlanta Hawks vs 6 Milwaukee Bucks – The Hawks are a fun team to watch. Joe Johnson is a solid scorer while Josh Smith, Mike Bibby, et al provide complimentary highlights. Milwaukee is back in the playoffs with rookie sensation Brandon Jennings leading the charge. In the end, the Hawks have too much. Atlanta in 6.
4 Boston Celtics vs 5 Miami Heat – The 2010 playoffs may be Miami’s best chance to keep superstar Dwyane Wade. If they show some promise, it may convince him to resign. However, they have to face a very veteran group in the Boston Celtic with Rajon Rondo quickly becoming one of the best point guards in the Association. I’m taking the Celts in 5.

Western Conference
1 Los Angeles Lakers vs 8 Oklahoma City Thunder – As fun as the Hawks are to watch, the Thunder is even funner. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green, and James Harden all provide a young, talented backbone. The defending champion Lakers enter the playoffs stumbling a bit with injuries and sporadic play. Coach Phil Jackson created media attention by criticizing officials treatment of Kevin Durant. Lakers in 7.

2 Dallas Mavericks vs 7 San Antonio Spurs – One can never count out the Spurs because of their coaching and veteran leadership, but Dallas has been one of the hottest teams in the league since the All-Star break. Richard Jefferson has not provided the spark many thought he would for San Antonio. Mavs in 5.

3 Phoenix Suns vs 6 Portland Trail Blazers – The Suns revitalized themselves late in the season by streaking up the standings to secure the third place spot. However, they have underachieved in the playoffs during the past few seasons. Portland continues the misery in 7 games.

4 Denver Nuggets vs 5 Utah Jazz – Denver struggled in the late season with the absence of coach George Karl who was diagnose with cancer in February. He is not expected back on the bench for the first round series which should concern Nugget fans. Utah wins in 7.