Porn Star Samantha Ryan Threatens to Sue Sports Blog

Can a porn star sue a blog for parodying the fact that she’s a porn star? Samantha Ryan evidently thinks so.

In what can only be described as a sign of the Apocalypse, Samantha Ryan’s lawyer ordered Kentucky Sports Radio to take down a post that supposedly defamed everyone’s favorite Kansas fan with references to her career as a porn star. Here’s a link to the letter and KSR’s response.

The KSR post was in response to this video from Ryan arguing why it’s better to be a Jayhawk than a Wildcat. As you might expect, the blog picked up on the ridiculous premise of having a porn star as your new famous fan and made fun of her/Kansas accordingly. You’d think someone who starred in Butt Pirates of the Caribbean would have a better sense of humor.

I’m no lawyer, but I’m guessing this wouldn’t even warrant the time it takes a judge to drop his morning deuce. Still, since stupid people seem to rule the world now, I’m glad I thought to put this on our site. Is it 2012 yet?

A Star Was Born at the Kansas vs. Texas Game

The KU vs. Texas game might have been ugly, but the view behind the Jayhawk bench was something to behold.

Longhorn Girl Mania is sweeping the nation, and, as you might expect, the guys at Deadspin are all over it.

Click HERE for gratuitous screen grabs and click HERE for investigative hotness.

You’re welcome.

Update: Apparently, instant internet fame isn’t sitting well with her. Math majors…

College Basketball’s Top 5 Teams Round Robin

In terms of the standings today, the top 5 teams are Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, Villanova, and Syracuse. In spite of the Longhorns’ loss at Kansas State last night, those five are likely to remain the same. Being that they’re the only “BCS” teams with 1 or less losses (BYU excluded), they’ve done a good job separating themselves from the rest of the pack. The question is, which is the best and worst matchup for each team amongst this group?

Here’s how I see it. I certainly am not predicting anything, but on paper it’s how I assess the situation:

Woah Mama! That's a big boy

Best Matchup: Villanova
Why: Texas is as big and physical a team as any. Villanova is used to those qualities in opponents because of Big East play. Unfortunately, Texas’s post players are about twice the size of their counterparts. Villanova has great guards, but Texas has great guard defenders in Dogus Balbay and Avery Bradley. Who does Nova put on Damion James? Coming from the wing spot, James is a gigantic matchup problem for the Wildcats. Both teams are great in transition and rely on their experience to keep composed.
Worst Matchup: Syracuse
Why: Texas is not a great shooting team or passing team. Those are the best ways to beat a zone. Texas has great size (read: height AND girth), but so does Syracuse. Syracuse’s two bigs aren’t quite as big as Dexter Pittman, but they are better conditioned and are pretty much as close as they can get in width to put a body on him. Syracuse is adept at getting back in transition defense and out in transition offense, similarly to Texas. Both teams have All-American candidates at the wing spot with Damion James (UT) and Wesley Johnson (SU).

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The Kansas Jayhawks on the Brink of History

The men’s basketball team at the University of Kansas knows history.

Roy Williams lead the upstart 1998-99 Jayhawks to a 2nd place finish in the still-new Big XII Conference

111 seasons.  5 National Titles.  13 Final Fours.  8 Title Game Appearances.  38 NCAA Tournament Appearances.  52 Conference Titles.   8 Legendary Coaches (including the inventor of the game, Dr. James A. Naismith.)  A Literal Parade of All-American Players.

All well and good.

But, this season, the Jayhawks are poised on the edge of a new mark in the history of the sport.  At 1,980 all-time wins, Kansas has a very good chance at eclipsing the epic threshold of 2,000 wins.  A benchmark that, at press-time, no other team has been able to reach.

We, here at EJSIC, wish them the best of luck in their historic quest for immortal greatness.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

Grading the Early College Basketball Season

In the last week of October, we previewed six teams for the then upcoming season: North Carolina, Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Memphis. Now, a month into the season, I would like to hand out grades for the six teams. Each had different expectations before the season and they will be graded based upon those expectations.

North Carolina 7-1 null

Grade: B

Analysis: The Tar Heels entered the season with high expectations from the voters. However, the fans seemed to have much more realistic prospects concerning the young Heels. When watching Roy Williams’ team, it’s obvious to even a novice basketball fan that they are full of raw talent which makes them a dangerous team. Larry Drew II has stepped his game up and filled in for the departed Ty Lawson in a way some may not have expected.

Where the Heels have struggled the most this season is the turnover department where they average 17.3 per game. As also expected with young teams, Carolina has shown signs of not being completely able to put a game away. In the end, Coach Williams will mold the team into a dangerous group by late February.

Kansas 6-0 null

Grade: B+

Analysis: The preseason championship favorites have not disappointed early in the season, but they haven’t been the dominant team some may have expected. Their five games against inferior competition have been complete blow outs, but they did struggle against Memphis in St. Louis. To be fair, most teams usually don’t face such competition in the second game of the season.

The Jayhawks have seemed to struggle when All-American candidate Sherron Collins has been off the court. Tyshawn Taylor hasn’t been as consistent this season as Bill Self may like, but Marcus Morris and Cole Aldrich have been very stable down low. As with North Carolina, the Jayhawks have way too much talent to disappoint.

Syracuse 7-0 null

Grade: A

Analysis: The Orange are undefeated behind the steady zone defense of Jim Boeheim despite the departures of Johnny Flynn, Eric Devendorf, and Paul Harris. After losing their exhibition to Lemoyne, very few people would’ve believed the Orange had it in them to beat both California and North Carolina in route to the 2K Sports Classic Championship.

Can Syracuse keep up the early season momentum? It remains to be seen, but the next test is looming December 10th against another up-start group in the Florida Gators. With the zone defense and steady play from their experienced leadership, I’m betting on Boeheim’s boys to continue the good season.

Kentucky 7-0 null

Grade: B

Analysis: It’s very apparent John Calipari’s Wildcats are absolutely loaded with talent, but the mixture of holdovers and freshmen has yet to gel. Out of the seven games, only one was against a team from a big-six conference: Stanford, in which the ‘Cats won 73-65.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Kentucky’s “struggles,” has been the defense. Calipari has always trademarked his teams with strong defenses. Since the Sam Houston State game in which Kentucky gave up 92 points in Rupp Arena, they’ve only given up 63, 49, 65, and 57. So, it appears the talent-laden Wildcats are learning to use their skill and athleticism to create havoc defensively. We should learn a lot about their progression in the next two games when they play host to two top fifteen teams: North Carolina and Connecticut.

Wisconsin 5-1 null

Grade: A-

Analysis: As the Sensei pointed out in his season preview of the Badgers, Bo Ryan’s boys never seem to be the early season trendy pick, yet they always find away to finish in the top three of the Big 10. Their lone loss came to Gonzaga in Hawaii which isn’t a bad loss at all. They now boast two wins over talented ACC squads in Maryland and Duke (the latter which helped the conference win its first ever ACC/Big 10 challenge).

Statistically, the Badgers are strong defensively as they usually are. One obvious weakness so far this season has been the three-point shooting where they are a hair above 29%. Expect Wisconsin to continue its solid play throughout the season and be a tough out in March.

Memphis 4-1 null

Grade: B+

Analysis: No one anticipated the Tigers to be major contenders this season with the departure of John Calipari and leading scorer Tyreke Evans, but maybe they’re better than originally expected. The Tigers gave the number one Jayhawks everything they wanted in St. Louis before eventually falling by two points. Duke transfer Elliot Williams and JUCO signee Will Coleman have provided solid play for first year head coach Josh Pastner.

Two concerns stick out to me. The first is Wesley Witherspoon. He was basically non-existent in the Kansas game and he’s too talented to disappear at big times. The Tigers need the versatility he provides. The second is how much do we take from the Kansas game? Are the Tigers legitimate or did Kansas have a night off? I think it’s a mixture of both, but until Memphis beats a quality opponent (and they have plenty of chances with Tennessee, Syracuse, and Gonzaga left on the schedule), they’ll have to settle for being a fringe top 25 team.

Overall, the college basketball season has been pretty good so far. It’s had March-like upsets and quality play which can be uncharacteristic of early season basketball. We should all continue to look forward to the remaining non-conference games before the rivalries start in January and February.

Cole Aldrich Settles Kansas Athletics Feud….Broadway Style

LAWRENCE, KS – Cole Aldrich, the Junior big man for the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team took the resolution of the recent scuffles between members of his team and some of the university’s Football players into his own hands Thursday the only way he knew how…by breaking out into song.

Members of the Kansas Jayhawk basketball team 'take it slow, Daddy-O'

Members of the Kansas Jayhawk basketball team 'take it slow, Daddy-O'

The 6-11, 245 lb Center put his own spin on the classic West Side Story cautioner “Cool” to try and get through to his teammates.

A source close to the team said that Aldrich showed “an adept grasp of the emotion and immediacy” of the Bernstein/Sondheim tune.  The source then added “and the surprisingly smooth dance moves really helped get his  point across, I think.”

Senior Guard, Sherron Collins felt inspired by the impromptu performance.  “When (Aldrich) sang ‘Breeze it, buzz it, easy does it,’ we really kinda had to turn off the juice, you know?  It was tight.”

Xavier Henry, Freshman Guard from Brewster [N.J.] Academy, was impressed by the team’s chemistry during the spontaneous dance number that ended the 7 minute session.  “We feel closer than ever.  We’re a team no matter what happens.  We’re Jayhawks.  And Tyrell (Reed)?  That (expletive deleted) can move.”

When Aldrich was asked afterward what inspired the moving number.  He humbly responded “We just gotta play it cool.  Real cool.”

Real cool, indeed.