The Year of the “Half-and-Done”

Move over, ‘Melo.

Derrick Rose?  Kevin Durant?  John Wall?  Next.

The days of the infamous “One-and-Done” college basketball player are behind us.  Welcome to the dawn of the “Half-and-Done-ers.”

Josh Selby donned #32 for Kansas literally dozens of times in his career

To the surprise of nobody, Kansas Freshman guard, Josh Selby, announced today – via Twitter – that he will forgo his sophomore, junior and senior seasons and enter this June’s NBA draft.  This on the heels of last week’s announcement out of Durham, NC which saw Duke guard, Kyrie Irving take the same step.

Due to the NBA’s age restriction, we have witnessed a host of talented players pass, briefly, through the ranks of amateurs for a full season while they placed their dreams of professional basketball on hold for one, often spectacular year.   It’s not a new phenomenon.

But most of these players PLAYED an entire season in college before heading off to richer pastures.  So, the announcements from Selby and Irving offer a rare glimpse at two young players who both missed significant portions of their one and only collegiate season.  Selby missed the first 9 games of the season awaiting the NCAA’s decision on his eligibility…and then 3 additional games later in the season due to a foot injury.  Irving missed the last 3 months of the regular season for the Blue Devils before returning in the NCAA Tournament.

On the bright side, he never had to learn how to spell "Krzyzewski"


In their short time on the court, each player made contributions to their team.  Irving was second on the team in points per game (17.5) and assists per game (4.3) while playing and was a significant factor for Mike Krzyzewski’s squad.  Selby, while never finding the stride he showed when he was so heavily recruited out of high school, showed flashes of the player he could be with impressive offensive numbers in several games for the Jayhawks.


But, both Selby and Irving –’s No. 1 and 2 point guards, respectively, in the 2010 class – played partial seasons at best.  And, now that their time in college is done, they can move on to bigger (richer) and better (MUCH richer) things without leaving too much of an impact at all on the college game.

Here’s hoping they both get more of a chance to show the nation what they’re capable of at the next level.


October Massengill Award Recipient: Chris Collins

Post Originally by Small Arms McGee

(Editor’s note:  Each month, we will give the Massengill Award for the douche of the month.  This is our inaugural award.  Please feel free to nominate future MA candidates.)

October Massengill Award recipient Chris CollinsOctober Massengill Award recipient Chris Collins

It seems only fitting that EJSIC’s first Massengill Award would go to someone affiliated with Duke University, the second douchiest college in America.

Adam Zagoria of ZAGSBLOG e-fame has broken the news that Kyrie Irving has committed to Duke and will announce that decision sometime this week.  From that article:

“He’s definitely going to Duke and if he doesn’t announce it tomorrow [Wednesday] he’ll probably announce it Thursday,” said one Division 1 assistant coach involved in Irving’s recruitment.

“He has committed. I heard that from [a Duke assistant],” said a second coach who recruited Irving.

If you saw Zag’s blog post early enough, you would have seen that [a Duke assistant] is one Chris Collins, Duke assistant coach and chief halftime interview giver.   The blog has since redacted Collins’ name without giving any reason for doing so. Interesting.

If you’ve followed college hoops for a few years, you already know that Collins has always been a douche, so EJSIC isn’t exactly breaking news here.  What is news is the fact that Collins is leaking word of Irving’s verbal commitment before the kid can have his moment in the sun.  Speculation has long been that Irving would make his college decision announcement via ESPNU.  Why would the Duke assistant torpedo his own prized recruit’s announcement?

(1) Because he’s a douche, working under a douche, coaching douches, and supported by 9,300 screaming douches.


(2) Because the Duke staff needs Harrison Barnes, and they think getting Irving on board ASAP will help make that happen.

The Duke staff is desperate to sign a blue chip recruit after former “Duke locks” Brandan Wright, Patrick Patterson, Greg Monroe, Kenny Boynton, and Brandon Knight chose other programs.  With the Barnes recruitment escalating into an all-out war with rival North Carolina (and to a lesser extent Kansas), the desperation in Durham is palpable.

Oh, did we mention Irving is denying this report?  Perhaps he wants to enjoy his time in the spotlight, as is certainly his right as an elite-level recruit.  But now he’s had his thunder stolen by an over-eager assistant coach desperate to reel in an even bigger fish.

Stay classy, Chris.