Kansas Jayhawks Will Not Be Playing Connecticut on an Aircraft Carrier; Focused on Deal With the U.S. Air Force

LAWRENCE, KS – Officials at the University of Kansas have killed the rumor that the Jayhawks would be playing a basketball game on an aircraft carrier against the UConn Huskies in 2012.  Connecticut officials are still looking to find an opponent for the 2nd Carrier Classic.

The 2011 edition of the Classic featuring Michigan State and North Carolina, has been a long discussed possibility that finally became reality this summer.

The college basketball world is understandably thrilled about the upcoming spectacle and all that maritime-based basketball could mean for the future of the sport.  So, why would KU not want to participate in such a special event?

“We just don’t feel it’s right for us to commit to the Carrier Classic at this time when we have other deals in the works,” Kansas Athletic Director, Sheahon Zenger said in an interview.  When asked to which other deals he was referring, he smiled coyly and said “I believe you know the answer to that.”

Indeed, buzz has been hot about the possibility of the Jayhawks starting their own classic series…on the wings of a modified C-17 cargo jet.

Aerial Allen Fieldhouse?

Details are still fuzzy, but it is believed that a custom-made court will be affixed to the top of the wing span of the military grade transport aircraft.

NCAA officials work to secure a prototype basket on a C-17 at Edwards AFB in California

The game would then be played while the jet ran low-altitude maneuvers over the Nevada desert.  Zenger hopes to have an opponent announced by next spring.

“It’s an exciting time for college basketball and American military vehicles, ” Zenger said. “Who knows what kind of possibilities for sport/war machine partnership are out there?”

Only time will tell if he is right.


EJSIC’s Big Ten Review & Preview

Come on down, Missouri!

In what has been a fairly lackluster start to the season for the Big Eleven Ten, perhaps the biggest news has been that the greatest ten team conference in the land is looking to add a twelfth team in order to make more money playing football.  This addition would of course affect basketball too, as the league would probably be divided into two divisions and begin a clusterfuck schedule similar to that of the ACC, SEC, and Big 12.  This author would prefer that the Big Ten pilfer Syracuse or possibly Rutgers from the Big East since those schools suck at football and probably always will, but Missouri seems to be the league’s first choice (assuming Notre Dame continues its arrogant tradition of football independence).  So consider this an early welcome to the richest conference in America, Missouri.  Let’s get into the basketball season review.

Team Assessments:

Illinois -The Fighting Bruce Webers have been a disappointment in 2009 and will have to step their game up in 2010 if they want to make their 10th NCAA Tournament appearance in 11 years.  Illinois already owns embarrassing losses to Utah, Bradley, and Georgia.  The Illini have beaten two of the three good teams they have played this season, overcoming a 23 point deficit to win at Clemson and handling Vanderbilt at home, before losing to Big Ten member-to-be Missouri in an 81-68 neutral court game that was never really close.  Their other wins all came at home against the likes of SUI-Edwardsville, Northern Illinois, Presbyterian, Wofford, Boise State, and Western Michigan.  Illinois opens Big Ten play on December 30 against blossoming basketball rival Northwestern, who Demitri McCamey beat on a runner at the buzzer in the teams’ lone meeting last season.  They will have to win that game and about ten more if they want to avoid the NIT.  Non-conference Grade: C-

Indiana -The Hoosiers have shown great improvement from last season, but they are still not what could be described as a good basketball team.  They have played a tough schedule, but they haven’t won any of the big games on that schedule because they lack elite talent and coaching.  Indiana is 5-6 with respectable losses to Mississippi, George Mason, Maryland, and Kentucky, and embarrassing losses to Boston and Loyola.  Their only win of note came against Pittsburgh, but like the Hoosiers, the Panthers are probably NIT bound.  Indiana will be hard pressed to win more than four games in the Big Ten.  Non-Conference Grade: C-

Iowa -The Big Ten’s bitch.  Iowa has been defeated by Texas-San Antonio, Duquesne, Texas, Wichita State, Virginia Tech, Northern Iowa, and Iowa State, and has no wins over any team you have ever heard of.  Coach Todd Lickliter seems like a good guy, but he may be in over his head.  The Hawkeyes are terrible and one conference win will be cause for celebration.  Non-Conference Grade: F

Michigan -Another disappointment.  This was supposed to be Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims’ breakout year.  Those two players will be in the NBA soon, and they are surrounded by a solid cast of shooters and defenders.  The problem is that Zack Novak and Stu Douglas’ shots are not falling and no one is playing defense.  The Wolverines have wins over Houston Baptist, Creighton in OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Detroit, and Coppin State.  Meanwhile, they have lost to all four Big Six conference teams they have faced (Marquette, Alabama, Boston College and Kansas) and managed to get blown out by Utah too.  It’s going to make the Big Ten look bad when this team finally gets their act together and beats a few top teams en route to nine or ten wins.  Despite being 5-5 with zero good wins, Michigan has the talent to make the tournament.  They’ll have a good chance to get a run going when they open play at Indiana on New Year’s Eve.  Non-Conference Grade: F

This guy just wins.

Tom Izzo just wins.

Michigan State -Tom Izzo’s team has lost to the three best teams they’ve played: Texas, North Carolina, and Florida.  They’ve beaten Gonzaga and no one else of note.  Goran Suton and Travis Walton graduating may have affected this team more than expected.  The team seems to lack toughness at times, and doesn’t really have a post player.  Nonetheless, they have one of the best coaches in the nation, and slow starts are nothing new in East Lansing.  The Spartans lost two non-conference games last season and ended up in the National Championship Game.  Don’t write them off yet.  Non-Conference Grade: C+

Minnesota -The Big Ten’s northernmost team had a ho-hum non-conference season;  Four wins over no-name teams and Butler, then three straight losses to Portland, Texas A&M, and Miami, then five more wins over nobodies.  They open the Big Ten season at home against Penn State on December 29 and will hope to win about ten more games and earn a second consecutive NCAA Tournament at-large bid.  Non-Conference Grade: C

Northwestern -The team representing the Big Ten’s nerdy private school is ranked for the first time in 40 years and is well on its way to playing in the first NCAA Tournament game in the program’s history.  Northwestern is not afraid to chuck up shots, and Micheal Thompson and John Shurna are each averaging 16 points per game as the team wins without injured star Kevin Coble.  The Wildcats have played five notable teams, losing to Butler and beating Notre Dame, Iowa State, NC State, and Stanford.  They are 10-1 with likely wins over Texas-Pan Am and Chicago State still to Continue reading