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This bench is for Tri-pods only.

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Yeah… They were all dead.

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Proof that intellectual property crime does pay.

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Chugging, the Carolina Way.

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“So… Luke and Leia are related now? That’s not weird at all…”

  • Contrary to a report published by the Chicago Tribune, the Bulls deny being contacted, or being interested, in a Calipari and LeBron package deal. I think a lot of incorrect assumptions are being made in an attempt to create drama that’s just not there. Calipari won’t be at Kentucky forever, but nothing outside of message board worthy drivel says he’s leaving this year. Sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s a giant pile of crap.
  • The Lakers lead throughout in a relatively easy victory over Los Suns in Game 1 of the West Finals. You’ve got to think LA is the favorite to win it all at this point.
  • If you’re looking for a place to take a dump on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I suggest you do it on Chris Berman.
  • From the WTF Department, Lane Kiffin will reportedly be the 3rd highest paid coach in College Football next season. Apparently JaMarcus Russell isn’t the only one robbing California blind.
  • David Lynch directs a commercial for Dior. Why? Because he can.
  • Lost producers get a letter from George Lucas: “I didn’t know where (Star Wars) was going either. The trick is to pretend you’ve planned the whole thing out in advance.”
  • Semi-literate former gold prospector is given his own cable news show. He’s seems over-qualified to me:

Semi-Literate Former Gold Prospector Given Own Cable News Show

Suns vs Lakers – Game 1 Preview

I, admittedly, dropped the ball yesterday in not previewing game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals in which the Celtics held on to beat the Magic. I vow to not let that happen again (or so I hope).

Without further ado, let’s begin looking at the Western Conference Finals which starts tonight.

The top-seeded Los Angeles Lakers are hosting the Phoenix Suns. LA is also looking to advance to its third straight NBA Finals appearance. Phoenix, on the other hand, is searching for a way to get veteran PG Steve Nash a ring before it is too late.

Team Leaders

Los Angeles Lakers

Points – Bryant 26.9

Rebounds – Gasol 13.1

Assists – Bryant 4.9

Phoenix Suns

Points – Richardson 21.9

Rebounds – Stoudemire 7.0

Assists – Nash 9.0

Both teams have experienced a long lay-off after dismantling their second round opponents. The extended rest has had good and bad consequences. For both teams, it has allowed superstar players to get needed recovery from the bumps and bruises of playoff basketball. It has also diminished momentum, which can be tough to recover. However, both teams are comprised of veteran players so the break seems to hold more positives than negatives.

The Lakers are favored in the series, but to immediately count out the Suns after their bounce-back season would be shortsighted. However, I’m picking a Laker victory in game 1. The home crowd will help the rested Lakers to victory.

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Delonte West is gonna’ be pissed.

Is LeBron’s legacy on the line tonight?

After the Game 5 debacle, national sports writers roasted King James for his performance in Cleveland after the 32 point beat-down. They asked questions: Was that LeBron’s last game in Cleveland? Does he have the desire to win? One particular article even mentioned LeBron’s growing role in college recruiting as a sign that his mind is not completely right.

Cleveland wants a ring, LeBron.

Whatever it may be, we can all agree that the Cavs, and James in particular, sucked in Game 5. They didn’t make shots, they still didn’t have an answer for Rajon Rondo, and they played no defense whatsoever.

Now, they face elimination. They face a second round exit as a number one seed that would surely mark the end of Mike Brown’s tenure. It might prompt trades and anything else seen as necessary to keep LeBron. And it might just mean the end of LeBron in Cleveland.

Boston’s veteran players know how to finish a series at home, and they know the importance of not going back to Cleveland for the all-deciding Game 7. They will bring their A game tonight. The real question is: will LeBron bring his?

It’s not a question of talent. It’s desire and the will to win. It’s time for James to put the entire city on his back tonight and win. He’s done it before (25 straight points against Detroit a few years back). Can he do it again? Otherwise, his time in Cleveland will be remembered as such: when his team was number one, LeBron failed to reach the NBA Finals.