2010 People’s Choice Awards recap

In the interest of full disclosure, the reviewer freely admits to not watching the entire broadcast.  So, here is the review of the parts he did watch.

This is either Taylor Lautner or Taylor Swift.  We don't know the difference.

This is either Taylor Lautner or Taylor Swift. We don't know the difference.

I tuned in to America’s 23th most popular award show last night just in time to see the Temp, the Bear Jew and Bridget von Hammersmark presenting the award for Favorite Breakout Movie Actor.  To an ear-splitting eruption of shrill, prepubescent screams and female orgasms, that Taylor dude from New Moon beat out new Kirk, new Spock, a robot and the kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun for the “honor.”

In lieu of trying to watch his speech through the sound of hysterical, young girls becoming women at decibels meant to force information out of detainees at Gitmo, I turned the channel and watched Cougar Town.

Perhaps next year, I can make it through 2 whole categories.  Until then…enjoy Awards Show Season!


Luke Warm Linkage

It's funny because it's true.

It's funny because it's true.



  • The world through the eyes of a poor college student. (College Humor)
  • Want to know what happens in New Moon while reading semi-funny commentary? You’re welcome. (Cracked)
  • Service Desk associates at KMart find a trick can full of $10,000. Instead of dividing it up and taking it home, they do their brainwashed retail employee duty and turn it over to Police. That’s more money than you’ll make in 6 months, but we wouldn’t want you accused of taking tips or anything…


Should You See New Moon?

We here at EJSIC have great taste in just about everything.  Our opinions on sports, music, television and movies are renowned and consistently and frighteningly devoid of error.  You name a pop-culture subject and we are pretty much experts at it.

So, naturally, we get inundated with requests for recommendations quite often.  Queries like “would I like Modern Family?” (yes) and “should I get the new Shakira album?” (no) are quite common in our inbox.  But lately, one question in particular has been asked more than any other:

Should I see the new Twilight movie?

Of course, our gut reaction is to say ‘not on your life.’  But, in the interest of fair play, we have designed the following tool to help you make up your own mind whether or not to see it.

Simply respond to the questions truthfully and you will have your answer.


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