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To be fair, they are a lot cooler than most families.



  • Man knows more about the Marvel Universe than his own family heritage. (The Onion)
  • Balloon Boy’s empty landing ruins family’s crops. I’m guessing a lot of people are going to be sending the attention whore dad a bill for his free publicity.
  • This is possibly the most unintentionally creepy video I’ve ever seen.


  • In the interest of being fair and balanced, here’s Rush’s take on his total douchebagness and justified rejection by the NFL.

Colt McCoy, "There's an App for that"

AUSTIN – If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two years, let me catch you up on some current events.  The Media loves Colt McCoy and his “BFF” Jordan Shipley.  He [Colt] can do no wrong, literally.  If there is a baby that needs saving, a princess that needs rescuing, a touchdown that needs throwing, a bass that needs catching, or a bible verse that needs reading within a five hundred mile radius, you can bet your sweet ass Colt “has an app for that.”

Colt is on the verge of winning Bromance of the Year with his teammate, best friend, and first look target on DKR Football field on Saturdays, Jordan Shipley.  The two are inseparable.  In the early 80′s, the two young Texas Football stars’ fathers roomed together at Abilene Christian University, and the two sons figured why not carry on the family tradition.  Both the McCoy and Shipley families have remained close. Maybe TOO close, as some facts will allude to such conclusions.

These days, not a lot has changed.  The two live together (as they have all 4 years of college) , they speak to religious groups together, hunt ‘n fish together, and score touchdowns together.  However, it is noteworthy a lot of college players develop these bonds, so the astute listener would then ask, “Why have they singled out the McCoy-Shipley bromance?”  In fact there are several other players who are notable in their life long friendships in present day college football, so why Colt?  What’s with the media obsession of this particular player?

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