Elitist Jerk Classics: “Kanye West: The Voice of a Generation”

Editor’s Note: The following is a re-post from a while back. We’ll be posting these from time to time as a way of letting a new audience see some great posts they might have missed.

Those who have watched the media frenzy regarding Mr. West and his antics must recognize that one of the most epic battles in the past decade has ensued, possibly worse than when President Clinton made his infamous “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” speech [and the subsequent federal trial]. This battle is much more subtle, however its casualties are becoming painfully obvious to the observant viewer.

Kanye West vs. Everybody. Edge, Kanye. Here are some classic examples to illustrate the casualties:

No amount of wizzardry can stop this man

Kanye vs. Dumbledore

Kanye, the classic movie connoisseur (right); He knows a good wizard when he sees one, and I must concur that Gandalf was the greatest wizard of all time…after all he had Frodo Baggins. Who exactly does Dumbledore have? Harry Potter. A questionably homosexual wizard in training, with a terrible British accent. As an aside, is it possible that HP ( yes I did just call him “HP”) could be a more terrible wizard? At risk of losing all of my man cards in one single, foul, despicable act I willingly submit to the fact that I have in fact seen the damn movies. This guy is a terrible wizard, all of his peers are better than him. Think about it. Continue reading

2010 People’s Choice Awards recap

In the interest of full disclosure, the reviewer freely admits to not watching the entire broadcast.  So, here is the review of the parts he did watch.

This is either Taylor Lautner or Taylor Swift.  We don't know the difference.

This is either Taylor Lautner or Taylor Swift. We don't know the difference.

I tuned in to America’s 23th most popular award show last night just in time to see the Temp, the Bear Jew and Bridget von Hammersmark presenting the award for Favorite Breakout Movie Actor.  To an ear-splitting eruption of shrill, prepubescent screams and female orgasms, that Taylor dude from New Moon beat out new Kirk, new Spock, a robot and the kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun for the “honor.”

In lieu of trying to watch his speech through the sound of hysterical, young girls becoming women at decibels meant to force information out of detainees at Gitmo, I turned the channel and watched Cougar Town.

Perhaps next year, I can make it through 2 whole categories.  Until then…enjoy Awards Show Season!


Is it racist?

I’ve been around racists all my life. It comes with the territory being a Mexican in America. We’re like the new black. There are certainly people that treat me a certain way just because of the color of my skin.

Allegations of racism only leads to more racism.  Can't we just all get along?

Allegations of racism only leads to more racism. Can't we just all get along?

I’ve also noticed as a third party observer that there is another form of racism taking hold of our country, “being scared of being racist”. White people will let black people do almost anything no matter how inappropriate without saying much if anything. If they break a law, sure, whitey will step in and send them to jail, but if the subject offers anything beneficial to white society, most any indiscretion will be overlooked. Likewise, almost any crime perpetrated by a Mexican or a black against the other race will never even get investigated.

Here we are staring a perfect example in the face. A month ago, Kanye West made headlines for being an asshole. Today, Beyonce makes headlines for not only condoning his behavior, but understanding where he’s coming from. All in the name of art. A-R-T.

You see, she thinks she should have won the award and not Taylor Swift. That’s fine – I get being pompous. I’m as egotistical as they come, but I never think my ego should walk all over yours after I lose. That’s fucking stupid.

The real question is: when white people look past these horrible behaviors and lame excuses, is it racism? What would have been the response to Brian Littrell if he had stormed on stage and grabbed the microphone out of Beyonce’s hand? Would there have been a riot?Would Mexicans have been further persecuted?

You know the answer.