Greatest Movie Title Ever.

While I can only assume that the actual film will be so terrible that your Grandma will throw up from afar if you watched it [even if she's dead], there is no argument against the greatness of this movie’s title.

For those of you with lazy clicking fingers, that’s The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It. Epic, I know.

Featured characters of note include:

Obviously, the film will try to capitalize on parodying the highly successful Judd Apatow films of the disseminated names, in the same vein as the Scary Movie series, Not Another Teen Movie, and other crapfests we’ve been very tempted to watch but never did.

This may or may not be footage from the film [Does it really matter?]. Enjoy.

Hat tip to our dearly departed writer, Stimulus Package. We will never forget.

UPDATE: Here’s the actual (NSFW) trailer for the movie. Click at your own risk.