NFL Week 5 Recap

Whether you loved him or hated him, he helped form the NFL into the product it is today

The Dream Team continued their skid by losing their 4th straight game. Both the Packers and Lions remained undefeated with the Lions defeating division rival Chicago. It looks like the early game on Thanksgiving might matter for the first time since Barry Sanders was playing. Dwayne Bowe, Victor Cruz, Steve Smith 1.0, and Brandon Lloyd all had circus catches.

Buffalo 31 – Philadelphia 24: Michael Vick threw 4 INT’s as the Eagles continued their losing streak. Fred Jackson had almost 200 total yards of offense for the Bills. Nick Barnett had a pick 6 for the Bills, the third game in a row that they have done so.

Kansas City 28 – Indianapolis 24: Matt Cassel threw 4 TD passes, with two each going to Breaston and Bowe (I linked one of Bowe’s at the top of this post). Jackie Battle had 119 yards on 19 carries for Chiefs. Curtis Painter had a good game throwing for 277 yards and 2 TD’s.

Minnesota 34 – Arizona 10: The Vikings got off to a great start thanks to three 1st quarter TD runs from Adrian Peterson. Arizona was never in this game as the Vikings were only outscored in the 2nd half 7-6. While the lack os 2nd half points is still a problem, at least the defense played 4 quarters. Kevin Kolb has been disappointing for the Cardinals and that continued Sunday as he was 21-42 for 232 yards and 2 INT’s.

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NFL Media Blitz: Where to Read About Your Favorite QBs

Earlier this week, Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers criticized Mark Sanchez’s recent spread in GQ, calling it “embarrassing.”  While it’s likely that Rodgers is simply jealous of Sanchez’s Latin flair and boyish good looks, it reminded us that many NFL stars are currently featured in the glossy pages of a variety of publications, as we get set to start the much-anticipated 2011-2012 NFL campaign.

EJSIC, with its numerous news and entertainment contacts, has obtained a list of upcoming magazine stories, covers or photo spreads featuring some of your favorite NFL quarterbacks.

While we are unable to share the cover images with you at this time due to legal concerns, we can at least shed some light on what you may look forward to finding on a newsstand near you.

Carson Palmer

The former Cincinnati Bengal invites AARP the Magazine reporter Meredith Jensen into his luxury Winnebago for an intimate interview, as well as an early bird dinner.  The article includes beautiful panoramic views of his new ranch-style home in Boca Raton (“we recently decided to downsize and get things all on one level”, Palmer explained), as well as postcards from his recent visits to the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

Jay Cutler

The Chicago Bears field general opens up to Redbook on a wide range of topics, including dealing with emotional fatigue, finding life/career balance, and clearing up those troublesome yeast infections.

Terrelle Pryor

The Oakland Raider rookie and controversial former Ohio State Buckeye talks with Inked writers about the value (both emotional and economic) of a finely-crafted piece of custom body art.  The high-res photos are a must-see.  (Editor’s note: we are hearing rumors about a similar piece forthcoming in Motor Trend.  Check back with EJSIC later this season.)

Michael Vick 

In an unusual joint effort, Dog Fancy and KO editors sit down with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick for an eye-opening look at the parallels between purebred dog ownership and competitive fighting. 

Ben Roethlisberger

Sure, he’s led his team to two Super Bowl victories, but Ben Roethlisberger is also quite accomplished off the field.  As evidence of his many various hobbies and interests, he is featured in two very different publications in coming weeks.  Roethlisberger has contributed a very illuminative motorcycle safety piece for Cycle World.  Additionally, he has also revisited one of his favorite topics: impressionable young sluts.  Barely Legal will be introducing its new guest column “Big Ben Strikes Again” in November.

Philip Rivers

I bet you already knew Philip Rivers was one of the league’s most highly-paid quarterbacks, leading the San Diego Chargers to several impressive regular season records.  But what you might not know is he is also an avid snow sports enthusiast.  Rivers recently told Snowboard Magazine, “The NFL season usually ends in early January – at the latest – so I typically am able to get in a good eight or nine weeks of shredding.  It really helps re-balance me and get me ready for another great fifteen or sixteen weeks of football.”

Tim Tebow

In easily the most awkward interview of this young NFL season, Denver Broncos backup quarterback and two-time college champ Tim Tebow was interviewed by Perfect 10.  “I’ll be honest; I thought this was some sort of magazine aimed at perfectionists and those who seek to be the best they can be,” an embarrassed Tebow said a couple of minutes into his interview with Chesty Gobblecock.  Tebow joked that he “might need a new publicist after [the interview].”  Ever a trooper, the good-natured Tebow went through with the interview, eventually convincing Gobblecock to reconsider her chosen profession, and even inspiring her to enroll in a local paralegal program.

Cam Newton

The Carolina Panthers rookie recently sat down with Kiplinger’s Personal Finance to share investment advice.  Kiplinger’s investment editor Charles Pendleton told EJSIC, “Mr. Newton was inspiring, and I think our subscribers will derive immense value from his advice.  This remarkable young man was able to turn $200,000 into $22 million in less than a year.  Simply outstanding.”






Recent Sports Developments from a Curmudgeon’s Point of View

Al puts on her curmudgeon's cap for this round of commentary

For those of us who love college football and basketball above all other sports, this is a tough time of year. Yes, the NBA playoffs are on but since they go from now until Wimbledon starts (or it so it seems), I can’t get excited about them yet. I’ll be more interested in them around Memorial Day. And, yes, baseball season has started, but I’m a Braves fan who has been denied round-the-clock Braves coverage since I moved away from Atlanta, so I’m not seeing a lot of their games. I do know about that Colorado no-hitter against the Braves (unfortunately), but that’s about it and it’s enough to make me flashback to being a Braves fan in the 1970s.

I don’t know why, but I seem to be suffering from the post-CBB doldrums more than usual. Maybe it’s because, for me, a season in which UNC sucked and Duke won the National Championship is best spent in denial. So, in my mind, there hasn’t been any college basketball since April 2009. However, thanks to a significant other’s love of SportsCenter in both Spanish and English and the continuous ESPN broadcasts at my gym, I’ve been forced to take notice of some recent developments. And that has prompted me to share my curmudgeonly views on them.

68-team NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament expansion

Whew, we really dodged a bullet on that one? Right? Um, wrong. If I had the power to give awards, the NCAA would get one for “Sneakiest Way to Handle Tournament Expansion.” This was brilliant from a spin and public opinion perspective. Have a couple of NCAA officials and former officials hint that “expansion is possible” and let ESPN and other sports outlets run with a 96-team tournament scenario, getting college basketball fans all riled up and arguing the pros and cons. Then, after letting us rant and wail for awhile, they say, “We’re only adding three more games.” This completely deflated most complainers while fans like me were relieved and happy that we don’t have to worry about a bracket with 96 teams–yet. Continue reading

Luke Warm Linkage


Luke Warm Linkage gets boner meds the right way… From Canada.


  • Tim Tebow will play versus LSU, unless those pesky doctors get in the way.
  • IAAF plans to formalize gender determination process. I’m guessing the light fondling approach wasn’t good enough.
  • Play GM for the NY Mets. They couldn’t do much worse.


  • Ali and Lindsay Lohan are apparently Geniuses. My mom says I’m handsome.
  • Miley Cyrus raps her break-up note to Twitter.
  • Lamar Odom may have knocked up Khloe Kardashian. It’s never good to compound one terrible mistake with another, Lamar.


I Bet Archie Griffin Loves Concussions

As the hours tick by and we wait to find out if Tim Tebow will be cleared to play tonight against LSU, I can’t help but wonder if Archie Griffin is secretly nervous.  Tebow, as you know unless you’re Nell, was hospitalized with a severe concussion after taking a hard hit from Kentucky’s Taylor Wyndham two weeks ago in Lexington.  Since the, the “will he or won’t he play?” discussions have dominated ESPN’s airwaves.

Griffin is the only two-time Heisman winner, having won the award in 1974 and 1975 when he was an amazing running back for Ohio State.  But Tebow was on track to win his second Heisman in three years until getting laid out.  (Getting laid out, not getting laid.  Calm down, Tebow Virginity Fans.)

Archie Griffin, 1974 & 1975 Heisman winner.

Archie Griffin, 1974 & 1975 Heisman winner.

Before the injury, this season’s Heisman voting process was more or less a formality.  In fact, in any other year, Tebow would just have accepted his first Nobel Peace Prize.  Unfortunately, Tebow picked the wrong year to go up against the Messiah.

So I like to think that somewhere in Columbus, Archie Griffin is pacing nervously. If Tebow doesn’t play tonight, maybe it opens the window for someone else, like maybe Jimmy Clausen. (Note:  when Lou Holtz reads that, he won’t need Cialis.  Or as he calls it, “Shtheallisth.”)

But what if Tebow plays?  Worse yet, what if he’s good?  What if he leads the Gators to a dramatic SEC road win with a touchdown as time expires?  Tebow’s legend would only grow.  And that might just seal the deal on this year’s Heisman trophy.

Tebow winning the Heisman would signal the end of the one thing Griffin and Buckeye fans have been able to hold onto for all these years.  His NFL career was nothing to speak of, especially as he ended up washing out of the USFL.  Being the Heisman trivia answer has been Griffin’s claim to fame for almost 35 years.  If Tebow walks on water tonight in Baton Rouge, Griffin’s biggest accomplishment suddenly loses its luster.

Tim Tebow, Heisman winner, Nobel Prize runner-up

Tim Tebow, Heisman winner, Nobel Prize runner-up

By all accounts Griffin is an extremely nice guy, and I presume he’s far too classy to wish continued injury on a young man, especially for selfish reasons.  But for my own satisfaction, and for the sake of this blog, I’m just going to disregard all that.