NFL Power Rankings

Tom Brady is on a record-setting pace so far this season

1. Green Bay Packers: Green Bay struggled early as the offense only ran 3 plays in the 1st quarter. But, the offense got going and scored enough points to win. Losing Pro Bowl Safety Nick Collins is going to hurt in the long run.

2. New England Patriots: Tom Brady continued his torrid start to the second half. The defense did it’s share this week, forcing some turnovers.

3. New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees looked great and the defense demolished the Bears offense. If they had pulled off the comeback in Week 1, they’d be at the top of this list.

4. Houston Texans: The Texans went on the road and continued their unbeaten streak against the Dolphins. Their defense contained Chad Henne, who threw for over 400 yards the game before.

5. New York Jets: The Jets defense embarrassed Luke McCown by creating multiple turnovers. The Jets running game has yet to get going, and they will need that going forward in the division to win games.

6. Detroit Lions: The Lions looked really good destroying the Chiefs. By going for it on 4th and goal already up by a couple scores, they showed a willingness to put opponents away that they didn’t in Week 1.

7. Philadelphia Eagles: They may have fallen apart late, but the loss of Mike Vick might have had something to do with that. Mike Kafka did look good in relief and might beat out Vince Young for the #2 spot. The linebacking core has to improve.

8. Washington Redskins: In a league where the final result is all that matters, the Redskins are perfect. Washington is 2-0 and Grossman seems to be making just enough plays to win.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I’m sure the Bucs would like to get off to faster starts, but they have shown that they are a second half team. They need to get the running game going earlier in the game to avoid having to comeback so often. Continue reading

Luke Warm Linkage

I’m this close to owning one of these.

Luke Warm Linkage

Tom Brady now. Tom Brady later.

Who to root for?

Are you having trouble picking a team to root for in the Superbowl? Can’t decide if you want the baby horses or the holy soul of a dead Catholic to win? Well, EJSIC’s got you covered because you need a team on Super Sunday.

There are numerous methods to picking a team. You could go with the ever popular conference affiliation system in which you root for the team that represents the conference your real favorite team plays in. For example, if you are a fan of the Oakland Raiders (well, first LOL at you) then you would root for the Colts based upon both teams playing in the AFC.

Another popular choice is the female method. In this system, you root for the team with the best color combination or hottest quarterback. Usually, this is reserved only for females, homosexuals, and people with an IQ below 70, but if you’re desperate, it can come in handy. If you liked the colors blue and white together or a quarterback with a neanderthal forehead, then you would bandwagon the Colts.

However, let me introduce you to a third method. There is no specific name for it, but it involves a comparison of the two teams and the cities they represent. No, I will not bore you with season averages, strengths and weaknesses, and anything else you’ll hear ad nauseum between now and kickoff. Instead, it will be a thorough comparison of the unique characteristics that should make your choice much easier.

Category 1: Festivities

Indianapolis – Indy 500

New Orleans – Mardi Gras

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The folks in Indy love their computer-controlled racecars while the residents of Nola drink for a week straight and toss beaded necklaces for displays of skin. I don’t know about you, but alcohol + boobs = winner in my book.

New Orleans 1, Indianapolis 0

Category 2: Superstar wives/significant others

Indianapolis – QB Peyton Manning’s wife Ashley

New Orleans – Reggie Bush’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian

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KK is a skank, but she is much more famous than Ashley Manning. One thing Ash has going for her though (in my book at least) is that she is from the Bluff City so I give her props for being a native Memphian. Also, she’s been with Peyton before he made his money and isn’t looking to be some hot chick on a superstar’s arm like Miss Skank. In the end though, America is all about popularity so New Orleans scores another point.

New Orleans 2, Indianapolis 0

Category 3: Good/Evil concept

Indianapolis – Good guys

New Orleans – Good guys

null nullBoth teams are generally held in high regard among NFL fans. When the Colts were battling the Patriots for the last decade, everyone outside of New England and Colin Cowherd hated the Cheatriots. We loved Manning and Dungy and the classy outfit in the Midwest. They lost some supporters in giving up the undefeated season, but it worked for them. New Orleans has had America’s heart in a death grip since the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. Both teams split this point.

New Orleans 2 1/2, Indianapolis 1/2

Category 4: Superstar slayer


Indianapolis – Defeated Tom Brady in the regular season

New Orleans – Defeated Brett Favre in the NFC Championship game

nullAgain, only Colin Cowherd and the greater Boston area likes Tom Brady. The rest of us see him as the arrogant puppet of a psychotic coach that he really is. Plenty of people still love Brett Favre, but the list is growing against him. Thankfully, Nola spared us from two weeks of Favre-slobbering by knocking his old ass out of the playoffs and hopefully into retirement. Plus, a win in the playoffs is always worth more than the regular season.

New Orleans 3 1/2, Indiapolis 1/2

It appears we have a winner: the New Orleans Saints. The undeniable flash and party atmosphere they posses was enough to overcome the quiet consistency of the Colts. I wish both teams the best of luck in the game, but I’ll be rooting for the New Orleans Saints.