Urban Meyer is a Lazy Douche

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Urban Meyer is “stepping down” for the second year in a row. “It’s about my family… It’s about my health… It’s about my life away from the field,” he says. Well, I’m calling BF [Brett Favre].

One more year? Let's hope not.

What it’s about is taking the spring practice and summer recruiting seasons off, so he can be a lazy ass. Just watch and see… Whenever Summer is winding down and the kiddies are back in school, Pope Urban will make his triumphant return to “save the Gators”.

When you think about it, it really is a genius plan. Work a quarter of the year and get paid for the whole thing. We should all be so resourceful. It’s worked perfectly for Brett Favre, so why wouldn’t it work for Meyer?

My hope is that the Florida administration calls his bluff, fires his staff, and gets a clean start, drama free.

Don’t get me wrong… Urban Meyer is one of the most successful coaches of his generation. He’s worth a little drama here and there. The problem lies in the frequency and implications of said drama. It sends the wrong message to the Florida coaches and players. If he can get by with shirking his responsibilities, why can’t they?

In the end, Florida should be bigger than Urban Meyer. If they really want to be, they’ll make this “retirement” stick whether Meyer wants it or not.