World News Agencies Turn To Harry

News agencies from around the globe are scrambling to fill the void left now that William and Kate are married.

The build-up to last Friday’s Royal Wedding was a media blitz unlike any seen in the past decade. Television networks, magazines and newspapers all spent months and months anticipating the Royal nuptials. And, they brought millions (Note: NOT billions) of viewers along for the ride.  The media frenzy was an infinite supply of minute details for those who were interested, a never-ending nuisance to those who weren’t and just plain inescapable for half of the world.

So, now what?  How do you top a spectacle like that once it is over?  How does the international press rise above the biggest media-hangover on record?

Well, the world is looking to William’s younger brother, Harry, to satiate that need.

Come on, Harry. The world needs you!

Media outlets are already turning their attention to the young prince who, despite being nowhere near engaged – let alone married – is the only one who could live up to, or even outdo William and Kate’s fête. Rumors that one American TV network has sent Harry a lengthy list of potential princesses to move the process along are already swirling.  Another agency is said to have signed the Prince of Wales up for multiple online dating services such as and  A spokesperson for E! Entertainment Television declined to comment about a reality-based show alleged to be in pre-production that would send undetermined members of the Kardashian family to London in hopes of wooing Diana’s youngest son.

“Whatever we can do to help the boy out, we’re in,” an unnamed source told us on Sunday. “We all had such a great time covering Will and Kate’s wedding, that we simply want to keep the energy going.  And, the sooner Harry gets married, the sooner we can all get back to doing what we love: excessive pandering.”

It remains to be seen what actions Harry takes to ensure the media outlets get their chance to shine once again.  But, whatever they are…you can be certain that we will know every detail possible thanks to the greatest news companies in the world.