Former Seton Hall Coach Bobby Gonzalez’s Sister Releases Tell-All Blog

Bobby Gonzalez is the now disgraced former coach of the Big East’s Seton Hall Pirates. A controversial figure, Gonzalez’s on-court results never matched his sideline and off-court bravado. He was eventually fired, and then continued to make headlines after being charged with theft.

Now Gonzalez’s sister, Linda, who is known for absolutely nothing as far as I am aware, wrote a “top ten” on her blog of the worst college basketball writers in America.

Bobby Gonzalez

Not just any ole “top ten” list, this one includes the “WORST, LEAST CREDIBLE, MOST CONFLICTED SPORTSWRITERS [sic].” Enter Grammar Nazi mode: “least credible, and most conflicted sportswriters,” Exit Grammar Nazi mode.

And according to Linda, the top ten (drum roll please) is: (1) Pete Thamel of the New York Times, (2) Pat Forde of ESPN, (3) Jeff Goodman of CBS, (4) Lenn Robbins of the New York Post, (5) JP Pelzman of the Bergen Record (New Jersey), (6) Gary Parrish of CBS, (7) Mike Francessa of WFAN New York, (8) Dana O’Neil of ESPN, (9) Sean Brennan of New York Daily News and Eammon Brennan of (tie), and (10) Dick “Hoops” Weiss of New York Daily News.

It gets better though. For each writer, she includes paragraphs of varying lengths explaining her reasoning which ends with a bolded (just in case you lose your place in the wall of text) “Prediction Fantasy.” The prediction fantasy is her desired end result for each writer which ranges from physical pain to emotional embarrassment to new professions outside of the media.

It is quintessential Gonzalez: a little in your face with just a tad too much crazy mixed in. Linda is not all bad, it seems. She makes a quick list of her five favorite writers at the end of the blog entry. That list is not nearly as fun as her main one, however.

If you thought Linda was done with her flaunting opinions, you were wrong. The Big Lead, a sports blog / website, Tweeted the blog entry which found its way to many of Linda’s “victims.”

Linda then attempted to refute The Big Lead’s quick write-up on the blog. Again, not nearly as entertaining as the top ten list. The subsequent entry is basically a defense of her brother.

The timing of this blog is odd given that Gonzalez has been out of the news for a while since his firing. Perhaps, a spur of the moment thing. Or maybe Linda’s been sitting on it for a while. Regardless the motive, you mess with a Gonzalez, you get the Linda.