A Fan’s Guide: How to escape when entering to field of play

This video has made the rounds on numerous websites, but I wanted here just for the sheer entertainment value. It’s also quite amazing if you ask me.

Remember, spectators on the field are seriouz bizness.

Unfortunately, the po-po eventually cuffed him. It was probably worth it for the fifteen minutes of fame, though.

Fake Calipari Hits YouTube to Prove… Nothing?

I came across this video today from our favorite Louisville fan turned Fake Facebook John Calipari.

As we covered earlier, this alleged interaction between UK commitment Marquis Teague and Fake Calipari has had Kentucky fans scratching their heads and haters licking their chops since the screen shot hit the Interweb last week.

The supposed owner of the fake Cal account did contact us with an offer to prove the merit of the screen shot last week. After we e-mailed him a list of questions, however, he didn’t respond. You have to assume that he decided a blanket YouTube video was the way to go.

You have to give the guy props for at least trying to prove that the interaction is real. The reality is, though, it’s kind of a moot point. Nothing significant is revealed in the conversation. It’s great for message board fodder, but nothing more.

The lesson here, kiddos? If you’re going to try to trick a high school kid into indicting your least favorite coach, be sure to remember the specifics. Ask him if he likes the new car the coach bought him or if he’s enjoyed the “tutors” the coach sent to help him with his SAT. Alluding to vague misdealings won’t get you very far with the NCAA.

As always, the devil is in the details.